Robert Shaw Articles

Strategic Trade Controls as a Foreign Policy Tool in Strategic Competition: Implications of a Shift Beyond Global Nonproliferation Goals

This paper delineates three predominant trends characterizing the utilization of end-use/r-based controls by states.

Monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky with St. Sophia Cathedral in the background in Kyiv, Ukraine (Src: Shutterstock)

Putin’s War with Ukraine: Voices of CNS Experts on the Russian Invasion

A compendium of CNS expert analysis and commentary on the nuclear ramifications of the war, as well as educational materials for expert and general audience.

Dr. Richard Pilch

Precision Medicine and Its Dual-Use Implications for Genetic Weapons Systems

Overview of precision medicine, genetic weapons, and how it carries the potential for dual-use.

DNA illustration

OP #52: Scientific Risk Assessment of Genetic Weapons Systems

Examines potential for precision medicine to be used in a genetic weapon system, state capabilities and motivations, and offers policy recommendations.

Securing Sensitive Technologies: A Discussion on Strategies for Global Supply Chains in Today’s Strategic Trade Control Landscape  

This CNS program focuses on the evolution of strategic supply chains, including ‘industry mapping’ of key strategic technologies.

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WMD Capabilities Enabled by Additive Manufacturing

Developments in 3D printing could spur the spread of chemical and biological weapons and WMD delivery systems.

OP#33: WMD Proliferation Risks at the Nexus of 3D Printing and DIY Communities

Occasional Paper #33 examines the degree to which additive manufacturing – including its distribution and use – may be introducing new proliferation risks.

Emerging Technology, International Security, and International Law

OCTOBER 6, 2016: Experts urge early engagement by industry, academia, and other producers of emerging technologies.

Stephanie Lieggi

CNS Online Course: “Global Trade and Weapons of Mass Destruction”

DEADLINE MAY 30: Identify how states and companies ensure that dual-use items are not used to produce WMD.

Stephanie Lieggi

CNS Tests New Online Course on Export Controls and WMD

CNS launches “Global Trade and Weapons of Mass Destruction,” a test version of its first on-line class.