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Industrial Development and Dual-Use Capabilities

Industrial Development and Dual-Use Capabilities in Southeast Asia

CNS hosted a roundtable discussion in Jakarta identifying the prevalence of new dual-use commodities.

Tracking Growth in Dual Use Commodities in Southeast Asia

New research aims to help the region prepare for upcoming WMD proliferation challenges.

China's ambitious plans for nuclear energy

China’s Ambitious Plans for Nuclear Energy

Analysis of China’s nuclear nuclear energy program and potential exports by Stephanie Lieggi and Miles Pomper.

Stephanie Lieggi

CNS Online Course: “Global Trade and Weapons of Mass Destruction”

DEADLINE MAY 30: Identify how states and companies ensure that dual-use items are not used to produce WMD.

OP#16: Rethinking Spent Fuel Management in South Korea

Occasional Paper #16: 12 practicable recommendations for South Korea, the 5th-largest nuclear energy producer and a major nuclear power plant exporter.

Launch of the Unha-3 SL

CNS Experts Available for Comment on North Korea’s Rocket Launch

On December 12, North Korea successfully launched the Unha-3 SLV.

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Prospects for Nuclear Security Partnership in Southeast Asia

Managing risks due to increased interest in nuclear power.

Missiles, Maneuvers and Mysteries

North Korea’s leadership succession and nuclear activities have garnered attention, including the parading of new missiles systems.

7th US-China Conference on Arms Control, Disarmament and Nonproliferation

DECEMBER 16-17, 2009: CNS co-hosts US-China meeting: Enhancing Strategic Stability and Cooperation between Beijing and Washington.