Hanna Notte

Turning Back the (Doomsday) Clock: Lessons (To Be) Learned in Nuclear Security

Hanna Notte took part in a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference.

William Potter, Sarah Bidgood, and Hanna Notte

Death Dust: The Rise, Decline, and Future of Radiological Weapons Programs – CISAC Stanford

Death Dust explores the largely unknown history of the rise and demise of RW—sometimes portrayed as a “poor man’s nuclear weapon”—through a series of comparative case studies across the United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Egypt, and Iraq.

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Russia’s Dangerous New Friends

Article on Russia’s relationship with the axis of resistance, to balance ties with Arab countries, including Israel, its encouragement of anti-American activities among Iran-backed groups, and the U.S. challenge to counteract by addressing conflicts and disrupting the partnership between Russia and the axis.

Hanna Notte

Russia, the Global South, and Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy After the Invasion of Ukraine

The seminar focuses on a recently concluded study on the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on the international nuclear negotiating forums and governance bodies (the IAEA, NPT review process and UN First Committee).

Sarah Bidgood, William Potter, and Hanna Notte

Death Dust: The Rise, Decline and Future of Radiological Weapons Programs

This seminar focuses on the findings of the recently published book “Death Dust: The Rise, Decline and Future of Radiological Weapons Programs.”

CNS Seminar on the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and WMD Nonproliferation

The seminar showcased the wide range of CNS expertise and its collaborative relationships with industry.

Kim Jong Il and missile displays

Dr. Siegfried Hecker on North Korean nuclear weapons for BBC’s Nuclear Armageddon

This video features discussions on the nuclear issues in North Korea with a short discussion of Iran.

War on the Rocks

Russia’s Growing Support for Iran and North Korea

Podcast: CNS expert Hanna Notte is interviewed on the podcast, Thinking the Unthinkable with Ankit Panda.

The Unfinished Quest: India’s Search for Major Power Status from Nehru to Modi

Video of a seminar with T.V. Paul.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Diversification from Russian nuclear fuel requires market-oriented solutions

Western governments would do well to incentivize and assist market players protecting their conversion and enrichment supply chains until new capacity can be added.