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July 21, 2022: “The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty – a View from Washington” William Potter for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

July 20, 2022: “Erdoğan asks Russia and Iran to back Turkey’s incursion into Syria” Hanna Notte in the Guardian

July 19, 2022: “Putin visits Tehran for talks with Iran, Turkey | Morning in America” Hanna Notte in News Nation

July 17, 2022: “Putin Seeks to Cement Ties With Iran, Turkey in Rare Trip Abroad” Hanna Notte in The Wall Street Journal 

July 6. 2022: “Proliferation Financing Regional Focus: UK & EU” Paulina Izewickz in ACAMS webinar

July 1, 2022: “Russia-Belarus nuclear sharing would mirror NATO’s—and worsen Europe’s security” Nikolai Sokov in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

July/August 2022: “A Better Way to Detect the Origins of a Pandemic” Angela Kane in Arms Control Today

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June 28, 2022: “Brazil wants special treatment for its nuclear submarine program—just like Australia” Ian Stewart in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

June 25, 2022: “Does AI Offer Planetary Solutions To Planetary Problems?” Angela Kane in Zeitgeister by Goethe Institute

June 22, 2022:  “Is AI Upending Geopolitics?” Angela Kane in Carnegie Council Podcasts

June 20, 2022: “Experts “North Korea’s Tunnel 4 nuclear test will take several months… Political and technical considerations during the 7th nuclear test” Jeffrey Lewis in Korea Posts English

June 20, 2022: “Hanna Notte Über Die Lehren Aus Russlands Krieg In Syrien” Hanna Notte in Foreign Times podcast

June 18, 2022: “Nuclear arms reduction expert: Hibakusha will play prominent role” Elena Sokova in NHK World-Japan

June 17, 2022: “Fractional Orbital Bombardment System” CNS in GeeksforGeeks

June 16, 2022: “Who Is Deterring Whom? The Place of Nuclear Weapons in Modern War” Jeffrey Lewis in War on the Rocks 

June 8, 2022: “Commercial Satellites Are National Security’s Next Frontier” Jeffrey Lewis in IEEE Spectrum

June 8, 2022: “How States Benefit from Amending or Rescinding Small Quantities Protocols?” Noah Mayhew in VSDNP’s “Governing the Atom Brief Series”

June 7, 2022:“NTI | bio and VCDNP Host Discussion on Proposed Mechanism to Investigate High-Consequence Biological Events of Unknown Origin” Elena Sokova, Angela Kane in NTI

June 7, 2022: “Odesa Talks – What Role for Civil Society in Conflict Zones?” Angela Kane in International Institute for Peace

June 5, 2022: “North Korea fires eight missiles, Japan condemns provocation” Michael Duitsman in The Jerusalem Post

June 5, 2022: “N Korea fires eight missiles as S Korea, US wrap up naval drills” Michael Duitsman in Al Jazeera 

June 4, 2022: “N.Korea fires volley of missiles, prompting joint military drill by Japan, US” Michael Duitsman in Reuters

June 3, 2022: “IAEA safeguards – Reflections on the meaning of “diversion” and “non-compliance” John Carlson in VCDNP (project of NTI and CENESS on nuclear safeguards)

June 2, 2022: “How neutrinos could ensure a submarine’s nuclear fuel isn’t weaponized” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in ScienceNews

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May 31, 2022: “Thinking About Iranian Deterrence Approaches” Jim Lamson in 2022 UK Deterrence And Assurance Academic Alliance Conference

May 30, 2022: “Risks of Nuclear Escalation after the End of War in Ukraine” Nikolai Sokov in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

May 30, 2022: “Private companies track the war in Ukraine in real time” Jeffrey Lewis in PBS

May 26, 2022: “Hanna Notte analysiert den russischen Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine” Hanna Notte in Korber Stiftung

May 21, 2022: “North Korea tests presumed ICBM and two other missiles, South Korea says” Jeffrey Lewis in KAKE abc

May 21, 2022: “Guerra nucleare, Putin testa il “Chernobyl volante: il missile che può colpire a distanza illimitata (anche gli Stati Uniti)” Jeffrey Lewis in Il Mattino

May 19, 2022: “Cyber Offense and a Changing Strategic Paradigm” Leonard S. Spector in The Washington Quarterly

May 19, 2022: “North Korea may conduct a missile or nuclear test timed with Biden’s visit to Asia” Jeffrey Lewis in NPR

May 19, 2022: “N. Korea won’t accept help to stave off coronavirus crisis, experts fear” Jeffrey Joshua Pollack and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in The Washington Post

May 18, 2022: “North Korea threatens to test ICBM ahead of Biden trip to South” CNS in Nikkei Asia

May 18, 2022: “The Impact of Russia’s Ukraine Invasion in the Middle East and North Africa” Hanna Notte testified to the House Foreign Affairs Committee

May 18, 2022: “Balancing the three Pillars of the NPT: How Can Promoting Peaceful Uses Help?” Ingrid Kirste, Mara Zarka in EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium 

May 17, 2022: “Kim riegelt Städte und Provinzen ab” Jeffrey Lewis, Joshua Pollack, and David Schmerler in Bild

May 16, 2022: “North Korea is being monitored for its first test of a nuclear weapon in 5 years” Jeffrey Lewis in NPR

May 16, 2022: “3 Scenarios for How Putin Could Actually Use Nukes” George M. Moore, Avner Cohen in Politico

May 15, 2022: “North Korea confirms 21 new deaths as it battles COVID-19” Jeffrey Lewis, Joshua Pollack, and David Schmerler in Bradenton Herald

May 15, 2022: “N Korea restarts work on nuclear reactor” Jeffrey Lewis, Joshua Pollack, and David Schmerler in The Riverine Herald

May 14, 2022: “N Korea restarts work on nuclear reactor” Jeffrey Lewis, Joshua Pollack, and David Schmerler in The Camden Haven Courier

May 14, 2022: “N Korea restarts work on nuclear reactor” Center for Nonproliferation Studies in The Courier

May 13, 2022: “New satellite images reveal North Korea has restarted construction on long-dormant nuclear reactor” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

May 10, 2022: “Everything Counts: Building a Control Regime for Nonstrategic Nuclear Warheads in Europe” Miles A. Pomper, Nikolai Sokov in CNS Occasional Papers series

May 10, 2022: “Nuclear surveillance from space” Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Physics Today

May 5, 2022: “Campo de batalha da Ucrânia é assombrado pelo legado de armas químicas de Putin” Hanna Notte in Estadao

May 4, 2022: “Ukraine’s Battlefield Is Haunted by Putin’s Chemical Weapons Legacy” Hanna Notte in The New York Times

May 3, 2022: “Nuclear surveillance from space” Jeffrey Lewis in Physics Today

May 2, 2022: “Dumping treated nuclear wastewater in Pacific Ocean not recommended” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in University of Hawaii

May 4, 2022: “Ukraine’s Battlefield Is Haunted by Putin’s Chemical Weapons Legacy” Nikolai Sokov in The New York Times

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April 29, 2022: “Expertin: Russlands Drohungen Zeichen von Verzweiflung” Hanna Notte in German TV ARD (Morgenmagazin)

April 29, 2022: “The Impact of the Ukraine War on Missile Diplomacy in the Middle East” Hanna Notte in The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

April 28, 2022: “Ukraine vs. Russland: Wie endet der Krieg?” Hanna Notte in “Possoch klärt” on BR24

April 28, 2022: “Syrian conflict remains top priority in Russia” Hanna Notte in The World

April 26, 2022: “Kim Jong Un vows full speed ahead for North Korea’s nuclear program, as he flaunts ICBM missiles” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

April 25, 2022: “Closing the gap: Establishing a new UN mechanism for discerning the source of pandemics of unknown origins” Angela Kane in European Leadership Network

April 17, 2022: “There’s an ‘alarming change’ in North Korea’s approach to nuclear weapons, says professor” Jeffrey Lewis in CNBC International TV

April 14, 2022: “These Countries Have Nuclear Weapons, but where are the Arsenal Located?” Miles Pomper in Boom

April 14, 2022: “A Gathering Storm, Ukraine” Hanna Notte in BACK STORY

April 12, 2022: “Why the Ukraine war does not mean more countries should seek nuclear weapons” Jeff Knop in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

April 12, 2022: “Russia isn’t likely to use chemical weapons in Ukraine – unless Putin grows desperate” Jeff Knop in The Conversation

April 12, 2022: “Has the next escalation level in the Ukraine war been reached?” Hanna Notte in California18

April 7, 2022: “Nuclear Weapons and War in Ukraine” Sarah Bidgood in TEDxMidAtlantic Salon

April 6, 2022: “Is Nuclear First Use Ever Permissible?” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in International Policy Digest

April 5, 2022: Podcast Episode #1068 Miles Pomper in Out of the Blank

April 5, 2022: “New satellite imagery shows activity at North Korean underground nuclear test site” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

April 5, 2022: “How America Watches for a Nuclear Strike” Jeffrey Lewis and Michael Duitsman in The New York Times

April 5, 2022: “Аналитик: В Сирии и Украине РФ использует пять схожих тактик” Hanna Notte in Deutsche Welle

April 5, 2022: “STYRKES AV SANKSJONER” Hanna Notte in Klassekampen

April 5, 2022: “Uavhengig russisk journalist: Sanksjonene får eliten til å samle seg bak Putin” Hanna Notte in Verdens Gang

April 4, 2022: “What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons and Where Are They?” Miles Pomper and Vasili Tuganov in Madras Courier

April 2, 2022: “Who has nukes, and what do Russia’s nuclear threats mean?” Sarah Bidgood in The Sydney Morning Herald

April 2, 2022: “As Russia pulls back from Kyiv, grim scenes emerge” CNS in The Washington Post

April 2, 2022: “AS tangguh ujian peluru berpandu antara benua Minuteman III” Jeffrey Lewis in Agenda Daily

April 2, 2022: “Russia–Ukraine War (April 2): Kremlin Says Talks With Ukraine Not Easy, Important That They Continue” Jeffrey Lewis in NTD

April 1, 2022: “What countries have nuclear weapons, and where are they?” Miles Pomper in The Conversation

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March 31, 2022: “Russia promises to open humanitarian corridor in Mariupol” Hanna Notte in BBC World from 5’30

March 31, 2022: “Russia’s Ukraine war builds on tactics it used in Syria, experts say” Hanna Notte in The Washington Post

March 30, 2022: “What Consequences Would Russia Face For Using Chemical Weapons?” Hanna Notte in NBC News

March 29, 2022: “Why the world is so worried about Russia’s ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons” Sarah Bidgood in The Washington Post

March 29, 2022: “Setzt Russland im Krieg gegen die Ukraine syrische Söldner ein?” Hanna Notte in BR24

March 29, 2022: “Will western-Russian confrontation shake the middle east?” Hanna Notte in War on the Rocks

March 28, 2022: “Expert Concerned Russia Could Deploy Small, ‘Tactical’ Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine” Sarah Bidgood in NBC Universal

March 28, 2022: “Analysts investigate possibility of North Korea missile test ‘deception'” Michael Duitsman in Reuters

March 27, 2022: “Opinion: North Korea’s man with the shades and the missiles just won’t disappear” CNS in The Washington Post

March 27, 2022: “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a huge mistake – and Moscow needs to realise this” Hanna Notte in Independent

March 26, 2022: “Analysts say images of ‘monster’ North Korean ICBM may have been from earlier launch” Michael Duitsman in WTVB

March 25, 2022 “What we know about North Korea’s new ICBM” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

March 24, 2022: “How the Ukraine war could go nuclear” Nikolai Sokov in Politico

March 23, 2022: “Interview with Dr. Chen Kane about the outcomes of the second session of the conference on the establishment of the middle east wmd-free zone and a possible participation of Israel” Chen Kane in PIR Center

March 23, 2022: “WMD in Asia-Pacific” Miles Pomper in APLN

March 22, 2022: “Chemical weapons and red lines” Hanna Notte in The World

March 21, 2022: “10 must-read Twitter threads on the war in Ukraine” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 19, 2022: “4 reasons why social media can give a skewed account of the war in Ukraine” Jeffrey Lewis in WAMU 88.5

March 17, 2022: “Russian-Ukraine War Updates” Miles Pomper in Morning Wave in Busan BeFM

March 16, 2022: “Draconian sanctions ‘on the table’ if Russia violated red line: Dr. Philipp Bleek | Fox Business Video” Philipp Bleek in Fox News

March 15, 2022: “North Korea’s Latest Launch Failed ‘Immediately,’ Says South Korea” Joshua Pollack in Global Security

March 12, 2022: “This Is a Uniquely Perilous Moment” Nikolai Sokov in The Atlantic

March 13, 2022: “Russia turns to Syria playbook with shifting claims over grounds for war” Hanna Notte in Financial Times

March 11, 2022: “Russland-Expertin: Alle Entscheidungen fallen im Kreml” Hanna Notte in NDR Info (Radio)

March 11, 2022: “Interview Hanna Notte, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies” Hanna Notte in Deutschlandradio

March 11, 2022: “North Korea’s Satellite Tech Also Useful for Nuclear Warheads: Analysts” Michael Duitsman in News Deal

March 10, 2022: “The Situation at Chernobyl Is Deteriorating” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in WIRED

March 10, 2022: “North Korean missile launches were a ‘serious escalation,’ official says” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

March 10, 2022: “Would Putin use nuclear weapons? An arms control expert explains what has and hasn’t changed since the invasion of Ukraine” Miles Pomper in The Conversation

March 10, 2022: “The Fallout from Russia’s Attack on Ukrainian Nuclear Facilities” William Potter in War on the Rocks

March 10, 2022: “A no-fly zone over Ukraine heightens the risk of a nuclear conflict with Russia” Joshua Pollack in WBUR

March 10, 2022: “Turkey, Israel Reset Ties But Pursue Rival Mediations in Russia-Ukraine War” Hanna Notte in VOA News

March 10, 2022: “Interview Hanna Notte, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies” Hanna Notte in Deutschlandradio

March 10, 2022: “A Dream of Imperial Power” Hanna Notte in The Independent

March 8, 2022: “Guerra nucleare. Scenario possibile?” Federica Dall’Arche in formiche   

March 8, 2022: “Breaking News: Russian Troops Seize Nuclear Power Plant” Nikolai Sokov in CTV News

March 8, 2022: “Russian military doctrine calls a limited nuclear strike “de-escalation.” Here’s why.” Nikolai Sokov in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 8, 2022: “Russland-Expertin Hanna Notte, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, mit einer Bewertung zu Russlands Forderungen im Ukraine-Krieg” Hanna Notte in Tagesschau

March 8, 2022: “An expert on the dismal state of nuclear treaties” Joshua Pollack in Vox

March 7, 2022: “Experts worry about the accuracy of online posts depicting the war in Ukraine” Jeffrey Lewis in NPR

March 7, 2022: “New satellite photos show first construction in years at North Korea nuclear test site, analysts say” Jeffrey Lewis in NBCNews

March 6, 2022: “Russia’s Military Chief Promised Quick Victory in Ukraine, but Now Faces a Potential Quagmire” Hanna Notte in The Wall Street Journal

March 6, 2022: “How international law applies to attacks on nuclear and associated facilities in Ukraine” George Moore in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 4, 2022: “A no-fly zone might help Ukraine. Or it might lead to nuclear war” Joshua Pollack in The Washington Post

March 4, 2022: “A Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Is Now A War Zone. Here’s What That Means.” Joshua Pollack in BuzzFeed News

March 4, 2022: “Ukraine: No Radiation Danger After Russian Shelling Caused Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant to Catch Fire” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in Daily Beast 

March 4, 2022: “High Above Ukraine, Satellites Get Embroiled in the War” Jeffrey Lewis in WIRED

March 3, 2022: “Nuclear weapons expert: We don’t know enough, but biggest concern is the fire disrupting reactor cooling” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

March 1, 2022: “As Russia’s Ukraine war intensifies, some warn nuclear escalation is possible” Jeffrey Lewis in NPR

March, 2022: “Export Control and Emerging Technology Control in an Era of Strategic Competition” Ian Stewart CNS Washington Office Nonproliferation Notes

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February 28, 2022: “La menace nucléaire de Vladimir Poutine, annonce en l’air ou réel danger pour le monde?” Nikolai Sokov in France24

February 27, 2022: “As Ukraine Resists, Putin Raises Nuclear Specter” Jeffrey Lewis in TIME

February 27, 2022: “Go read this report about how researchers used Google Maps to track the invasion of Ukraine” Jeffrey Lewis in The Verge

February 26, 2022: “Russian State Media Bolster Putin’s Narrative for Ukraine Invasion” Nikolai Sokov in The Wall Street Journal

February 25, 2022: “These Nerds Saw Ukraine Invasion Start On Google Maps Before Putin Said a Word” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Beast

February 23, 2022: “On Google Maps, Tracking the Invasion of Ukraine” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

February 23, 2022: “Военная операция России в Украине: ракетные удары, закрытые аэропорты // Спецэфир RTVI” Nikolai Sokov in RTVI (begins at 2:37:45)

February 12, 2022: “Thirty years of U.S. ambassadors in Moscow” Hanna Notte in The Naked Pravda

February 14, 2022: “What Would Russia’s with the West Mean for Nuclear Arms Control?” Hanna Notte and Sarah Bidgood in War on the Rocks

February, 2022: “Breaking News” Miles Pomper in Alarabiya

February, 2022: “Russian Troops Seize Nuclear Power Plant” Dr. Potter in CTV News

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January 31, 2022: “‘At doom’s doorstep’: Doomsday Clock set at 100 seconds to world destruction” CNS mentioned in inquirer

January 31, 2022: “Why is North Korea Suddenly Launching So Many New Missile Tests?” Jeffrey Lewis in Global Dispatches Podcast

January 28, 2022: “N.Korea confirms latest weapons tests as Kim visits key munitions factory” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Reuters

January 27, 2022: “North Korea fires off more missiles as testing frenzy continues” CNS mentioned in The Japan Times

January 26, 2022: “Explainer: Minds behind the missiles: N.Korea’s secretive weapons developers” CNS in Reuters

January 25, 2022: “Otak di Balik Rudal Korut, Kim Jong-Un Sangat Mengandalkan Tiga Sosok ini” CNS mentioned in Merdeka

January 24, 2022: “Minţile din spatele programelor secrete de rachete ale Coreei de Nord” CNS mentioned in Adevarul

January 23, 2022: “Explainer: Minds behind the missiles: North Korea’s secretive weapons developers” CNS mentioned in Reuters

January 19, 2022: “Meet the Nuclear Sleuths Shaking Up U.S. Spycraft’” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Politico

January 18, 2022: “Contingency Planning” CNS mentioned in Arms Control Wonk

January 18, 2022: “North Korea test fires 2 short-range ‘tactical-guided missiles’” Michael Duitsman and Joshua Pollack quoted in Radio Free Asia

January 15, 2022: “Russia, US Have Good Chance Of Agreeing On Intermediate, Short-Range Missiles – Experts” Nikolai Sokov quoted in UrduPoint News/Sputnik

January 14, 2022: “New Missiles, New Risks: The Escalatory Implications of Iran’s Precision-Strike Weapons” Jim Lamson in War on the Rocks

January 12, 2022: “Russia Weighs Arms Control Negotiations As Fear Of War In Ukraine Looms” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Time

January 11, 2022: “Расстались при своем: к чему Россия и США пришли в Женеве” Nikolai Sokov in Izvestia

January 11, 2022: “North Korea tests ‘hypersonic missiles’ in global race for new rockets” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Reuters

January 11, 2022: “N.Korea tests ‘hypersonic missiles’ in global race for new rockets” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in WHTC

January 11, 2022: “State Media: Kim Jong Un Observed North Korea’s Latest ‘Hypersonic’ Launch” Joshua Pollack quoted in Voa News

January 11, 2022: “Saudi Arabia Said to Produce Ballistic Missiles” Jeffrey Lewis and David Schmerler quoted in Arms Control Association

January 10, 2022: “В шаге от провала. Россия ставит ультиматум США и НАТО. Чего ждать от переговоров по безопасности?” Nikolai Sokov in

January 7, 2022: “S.Korea casts doubts on North Korea’s ‘hypersonic missile’ claims” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

January 5, 2022: “US Will Not Agree To All Russian Security Proposals, Compromise Possible” Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik International

January 5, 2022: “The Proliferation of Disinformation” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in Press the Button podcast by Ploughshares Fund

January 4, 2022: “Satellite images show Morocco has built an air defense base near its capital” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Defense News

January 4, 2022: “Berlin Continues to Look to Moscow and Washington for Major Strides in Nuclear Arms Control” Hanna Notte for Valdai Club

January 3, 2022: “As China Pursues Nuclear Arms Buildup, Biden Opts for Banter at United Nations” CNS mentioned in The New York Sun

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