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January 30, 2024: Commentary: Atomic veteran’s experience with 31-kiloton nuke is worth recalling as ‘Doomsday Clock’ resets Jeffrey Lewis in the LA Times

January 30, 2024: North Korea Now Using AI in Nuclear Program: Report Hyuk Kim on

January 24, 2024: Russia’s Growing Support for Iran and North Korea Hanna Notte on the podcast ‘Thinking the Unthinkable’ for War on the Rocks

January 18, 2024: Nuclear Armageddon Siegfried S. Hecker on BBC UK

January 11, 2024: “Is Kim Jong Un Preparing for War?” Siegfried S. Hecker in 38North

January 3, 2024: “E129 – Hope at the Brink w/ Jeffrey Lewis” Jeffrey Lewis in American Prestige

January 2024: Documenting a North Korean missile in Ukraine, by Conflict Armament Research with assistance from CNS

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