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January 15, 2022: “Russia, US Have Good Chance of Agreeing on Intermediate, Short-Range Missiles – Experts Nikolai Sokov quoted in UrduPoint News/Sputnik

January 11, 2022: “Расстались при своем: к чему Россия и США пришли в Женеве” Nikolai Sokov in Izvestia

January 11, 2022: “State Media: Kim Jong Un Observed North Korea’s Latest ‘Hypersonic’ Launch” Joshua Pollack quoted in Voa News

January 11, 2022: “Saudi Arabia Said to Produce Ballistic Missiles” Jeffrey Lewis and David Schmerler quoted in Arms Control Association

January 10, 2022: “В шаге от провала. Россия ставит ультиматум США и НАТО. Чего ждать от переговоров по безопасности?” Nikolai Sokov in

January 5, 2022: “US Will Not Agree to All Russian Security Proposals, Compromise Possible” Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik International

January 5, 2022: “The Proliferation of Disinformation” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in Press the Button podcast by Ploughshares Fund

January 4, 2022: “Satellite Images Show Morocco Has Built an Air Defense Base Near Its Capital” Jeffrey Lewis quoted in Defense News