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January 15, 2021: “The World Needs a Real Investigation into the Origins of Covid-19,” Miles Pomper in Wall Street Journal

January 15, 2021: “North Korea showcases what it calls ‘world’s most powerful weapon‘,” Michael Duitsman in Fox News

January 14, 2021: “North Korea shows off new submarine-launched missiles after rare party congress,” Michael Duitsman in Reuters

January 14, 2021: “Kim Jong Un Throws Down a Nuclear Gauntlet—His Regime Will Build a Solid-Fuel ICBM,” Jeffrey Lewis in Forbes

January 10, 2021: “Kim Jong Un Appears to Hold Military Parade After Blasting U.S.,” CNS database cited in Bloomberg News

January 9, 2021: “The Little-Known Story of the US and Soviet Pursuit of Radiological Weapons,” Sarah Bidgood, Bill Potter, and Sam Meyer in The Wire

January 8, 2021: “House Speaker Pelosi says she spoke to top U.S. general about restraining Trump,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

January 8, 2021: “Pelosi Asks Military to Limit Trump’s Nuclear Authority. Here’s How That System Works,” Joshua Pollack on NPR

January 2, 2021: “Iran says has ‘finger on trigger’ to enrich uranium to 20% ‘as soon as possible’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters (via Independent Journal Review)