Precision Medicine and Its Dual-Use Implications for Genetic Weapons Systems

October 4, 2021
Richard Pilch

Speaker: Dr. Richard Pilch

Moderated by Robert Shaw

On 23 September 2021 CNS hosted a webinar featuring Dr. Rich Pilch, CNS Non-Resident Fellow, speaking on the topic “Precision Medicine: Current Developments and Dual-Use Implications for Genetic Weapons Systems.” Dr. Pilch’s talk described the background, research, and findings of a year-long study that produced CNS Occasional Paper #52 Scientific Risk Assessment of Genetic Weapons Systems, released on the same day as the webinar.

Dr. Pilch provided an overview of the field of precision medicine, against the backdrop of historical interest in genetic weapons, illustrating how work in this emerging field carries a potential dual-use dimension. Limitations in the practicality of testing, evaluation and deployment of such weapons, though, offer opportunities for the early detection of such an effort and the implementation of policies that can deter misuse of precision medicine, while preserving its benefits for human welfare.

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