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How the US Plans to Crack Down on Ransom Payments to North Korean Hackers

Figuring out who is behind a ransom attack is a chronic problem in the cybersecurity world.

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Why insurance companies might be stuck paying ransoms to North Korean hackers

North Korean hackers make ransoms cheaper than backup and restoration costs, making it likely companies will pay up.

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Expect a Surge in North Korean Missile Tests, and of Greater Range

North Korea is signaling this will be its busiest year of missile testing yet.

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Judge Juche 2: North Korean (Mis)adventures in Uganda

We look at a failed construction project, attempts at insurance fraud, and the four lawsuits that resulted when everything went wrong.

OP#36: The Shadow Sector: North Korea’s Information Technology Networks

OP#36: The Shadow Sector: North Korea’s Information Technology Networks

North Korea’s global IT network undermines sanctions and poses grave cyber-security threats.

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Walls and Ladders: The Latest UN Report on DPRK Sanctions

Commentary published in War on the Rocks.

The Likely Reason North Korea Has Stopped Its Ballistic Missile Tests — For Now

This is likely part of an annual slowdown in testing we’ve observed now in North Korea for several years.

OP#33: WMD Proliferation Risks at the Nexus of 3D Printing and DIY Communities

Occasional Paper #33 examines the degree to which additive manufacturing – including its distribution and use – may be introducing new proliferation risks.

North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Program: How We Got Here

For a country with such limited resources, how has North Korea’s ballistic missile program progressed so far?

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Technical and Political Insights into North Korea

Warring words, nuclear tests, and increased missile capabilities: CNS experts on the developments and implications.