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CNS MontereyMonterey, CA Washington DCWashington DC Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP)Vienna, Austria
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Monterey, CA ⋅ About CNS

Sarah Bidgood
Director, Eurasia Nonproliferation Program
831.647.3584 ⋅ [email protected]

Philipp Bleek
Associate Professor, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
831.647.6509 ⋅ [email protected]

Jill Buntenbach
Financial and Administration Manager
831.647.4154 ⋅ [email protected]

Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress
Adjunct Professor

831.647.4638 ⋅ [email protected]

Jean du Preez
Senior Program Manager for Education and Training
831.647.6575 ⋅ [email protected]

Michael Duitsman
Research Associate
831.647.3559 ⋅ [email protected]

Kaitlin Emmons
Research Associate
831.647.4154 ⋅ [email protected]

Eduardo Fujii
Computer Programmer
Systems Analyst

831.647.6679 ⋅ [email protected]

Margarita Kalinina-Pohl
Senior Program Manager, Education Program
831.647.6540 ⋅ [email protected]

David Joël La Boon
Research Associate
Monterey, CA ⋅ 831.647.4154 ⋅ [email protected]

Jeffrey Lewis
Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP)
Adjunct Professor

831.647.6616 ⋅ [email protected]

Samuel (Sam) Meyer
Research Associate
831.647.4154 ⋅ [email protected]

George M. Moore
Adjunct Professor

831.647.6691 ⋅ [email protected]

Nomsa Ndongwe
Research Associate
831.647.4662 · [email protected]

Richard Pilch
Director, Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program (CBWNP)
Senior Scientist

831.647.6545 ⋅ [email protected]

William Potter
CNS Founding Director
Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar Professor of Nonproliferation Studies

831.647.3511 ⋅ [email protected]

Robert Shaw
Program Director, Export Control and Nonproliferation Program (XNP)
Adjunct Professor

831.647.6576 ⋅ [email protected]

Anne Marie Steiger
Web Specialist
831.647.6651 ⋅ [email protected]

David Steiger
Senior Web and Desktop Publishing Specialist
831.647.6651 ⋅ [email protected]

Masako Toki
Project Manager and Research Associate, Education Program
831.647.3580 ⋅ [email protected]

Jessica C. Varnum
Deputy Director ⋅  Adjunct Professor
831.647.4610 ⋅ [email protected]

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Washington DC

Washington, DC ⋅ About the DC Office

Shea Cotton
Senior Research Associate
202-601-2369 ⋅ [email protected]

Catherine Dill
Senior Research Associate
202.601.2348 ⋅ [email protected]

Chen Kane
Director, Middle East Nonproliferation Program
202.601.2330 ⋅ [email protected]

Bridget Leahy
Research Assistant/Office Manager
202.601.2344 ⋅ [email protected]

Jill Luster
Senior Research Associate
202.601.2400 ⋅ [email protected]

Robert Mikulak
Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Joshua Pollack
Editor, The Nonproliferation Review
Senior Research Associate
202.601.2343 ⋅ [email protected]

Miles Pomper
Senior Fellow
202.601.2351 ⋅ [email protected]

David Schmerler
Senior Research Associate
202.601.2352 ⋅ [email protected]

Leonard S. Spector
Distinguished Fellow
202.601.2377 ⋅ [email protected]@leonard_spector

Ian Stewart
Executive Director, DC
[email protected]

Carlton Stoiber
Distinguished Visiting Scholar
[email protected]

Cameron Trainer
Research Associate
202.601.2368 ⋅ [email protected]

Jamie Withorne
Research Assistant
[email protected]

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Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP)

Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP)

Vienna, Austria ⋅ About the Vienna Office

Edith Bursac
Assistant Director
International Management and Operations

+43 (1) 236 94 82-03 ⋅ [email protected]

Angela Kane
Senior Fellow
[email protected]

Ingrid Kirstin
Senior Research Associate
+43 (1) 236 94 82-09 ⋅ [email protected]

Artem Lazarev
Research Associate
+43 (1) 236 94 82-11 ⋅ [email protected]

Noah Mayhew
Research Associate
+43 (1) 236 94 82-04 ⋅ [email protected]

Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova
Director, International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program (IONP)
+43 (1) 236-94 82-08 ⋅ [email protected]

Mara Zarka
Project/Events Manager and Research Associate
+43 (1) 236 94 82-07 ⋅ [email protected][email protected]

Nikolai Sokov
Senior Fellow
[email protected]

Elena Sokova
Executive Director
+43 (1) 236 94 82-01 ⋅ [email protected]

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Other Locations

Paulina Izewicz
Senior Research Associate
London, England ⋅ [email protected]@PaulinaIzewicz

Rhianna Tyson Kreger
Managing Editor, The Nonproliferation Review
New Jersey ⋅ [email protected]

Keith J. Masback
Non-Resident Advisor, Industry Partnerships
Twitter: @geointer
Contact via:

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