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Kim Jong Un viewing a missile launch test

Short Course: Tracking North Korea’s WMD and Sanctions Evasion with Open Sources

New course teaching cutting-edge research techniques, tools, and resources used by CNS experts.

Report cover of uranium mill with Saudi flag

The Status of the Front End of Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Reviewing the claims underlying recent media reports of KSA uranium mining and milling.

Satellite image of the training center on the coast

Revealed: North Korea’s Likely New Submariner Training Center

North Korea’s images of a new submarine, likely with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).

North Korean missiles trapped in ice with sunshine photo illustration

OP #46: Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Programs

Freezing North Korea’s missile program can be a first step toward promoting trust and providing concrete security benefits.

Nuclear missiles locked in ice photo illustration

Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Program

EVENT: Panel Discussion with CNS experts to discuss verification requirements and security benefits associated with each option.

Probable solid propellant missile plant Al Dawadmi, Saudi Arabia. Annotations by Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler. (Source: Planet Labs)

Saudi Arabia’s Suspect Missile Site and the Saudi Nuclear Program

This Washington, DC event was held on March 4, 2019 at 9:30am-11:30am.

Iran Space Launch Vehicle

Iran’s Space Launch: ICBM or Space Program Development?

CNS researchers use satellite imagery to determine if these space launch vehicles are the ICBMs you are looking for.

Identifying DPRK Machine Plants

We geolocated six important sites linked to the North Korean missile program.

Left to right: Dave Schmerler, Jeffrey Lewis, and Melissa Hanham

True Detectives

On California’s magnificent Central Coast, a group of North Korea experts track Pyongyang’s every nuclear move. But—if we’re listening—the story they’re telling us is also about ourselves.

Richard Engel of NBC News interviews Jeffrey Lewis in Monterey.

NBC News Features Innovative Work of CNS Researchers

“Middlebury isn’t a secret department of the CIA, the NSA, – it is part of a liberal arts college. There are no spies here, just a team of researchers working what is known as open source intelligence.”