Melissa Hanham Articles

OP #44: Eyes on U: Opportunities, Challenges, and Limits of Remote Sensing for Monitoring Uranium Mining and Milling

Geospatial tech sheds light on secretive first step of nuclear fuel cycle.

OP#41: Monitoring Uranium Mining and Milling in India and Pakistan through Remote Sensing Imagery

Open-source technologies allow analysts to monitor increased uranium production in South Asia.

Defense One

WTF: A Few Morning Thoughts on US-North Korea Relations

Kim Jong Un doesn’t need to dance with Trump. He’s got his own nuclear weapons.

Left to right: Dave Schmerler, Jeffrey Lewis, and Melissa Hanham

True Detectives

On California’s magnificent Central Coast, a group of North Korea experts track Pyongyang’s every nuclear move. But—if we’re listening—the story they’re telling us is also about ourselves.

CNS Deputy Director Elena Sokova

CNS Celebrates International Women’s Day

Celebrating the outstanding work and achievements of CNS women leaders, researchers, and staff.

Richard Engel of NBC News interviews Jeffrey Lewis in Monterey.

NBC News Features Innovative Work of CNS Researchers

“Middlebury isn’t a secret department of the CIA, the NSA, – it is part of a liberal arts college. There are no spies here, just a team of researchers working what is known as open source intelligence.”

Occasional Paper #34 Pyongsan uranium mine map

OP#34: Open-Source Monitoring of Uranium Mining and Milling for Nuclear Nonproliferation Applications

Rapidly evolving open-source tools are giving researchers a window into the first step toward a possible nuclear bomb.

Jeffrey Lewis

With Technology, These Researchers Are Figuring Out North Korea’s Nuclear Secrets

Did North Korea just test another missile engine? Satellite images suggest it did.

Advances in North Korea’s Missile Program and What Comes Next

The longer the wait, the greater North Korea’s technological capabilities will become, making diplomacy and war more difficult and dangerous.

Melissa Hanham on PBS NewsHour

Technical and Political Insights into North Korea

Warring words, nuclear tests, and increased missile capabilities: CNS experts on the developments and implications.