Hanna Notte

Turning Back the (Doomsday) Clock: Lessons (To Be) Learned in Nuclear Security

Hanna Notte took part in a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference.

Hanna Notte

Russia, the Global South, and Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy After the Invasion of Ukraine

The seminar focuses on a recently concluded study on the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on the international nuclear negotiating forums and governance bodies (the IAEA, NPT review process and UN First Committee).

Charting a Roadmap for Multiparty Confidence and Security Building Measures, Risk Reduction, and Arms Control in the Indo-Pacific

Charting a roadmap for multiparty confidence and security building measures, risk reduction, and arms control in the Indo-Pacific

This work contains contributions by CNS’s Miles Pomper, Allison Berke, Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress, and George M. Moore.

Seminar photo of Amir Hamzah Mohd Nasir and attendees

Senior Malaysian Diplomat Visits CNS

Mr. Amir Hamzah Mohd Nasir, Assistant Secretary of the Multilateral Security Division of the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited CNS during the week of November 13, 2023.

Artificial Intelligence image

AI and Nonproliferation: CNS Experts Lead the Way

CNS is examining the nexus of AI and WMD nonproliferation from several perspectives informed by a core group of staff with deep expertise on a variety of relevant issues.

CNS’ Experts Jean du Preez and Miles Pomper were hosted at the Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research’s program “InFocus with Ejaz Haider” for a conversation on the future of arms control and nonproliferation in the wake of Russia’s de-ratification of the CTBT and other ongoing events.

InFocus with Ejaz Haider -Ep 23, Nov 8: The Unraveling of Arms Control and Nonproliferation

A conversation on the future of arms control and nonproliferation in the wake of Russia’s de-ratification of the CTBT and other ongoing events.

Hyuk Kim

Strategic Empathy for North Korea: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Nuclear Diplomacy

CNS Research Fellow, Hyuk Kim, provides a unique video seminar for policymakers to reevaluate their policies towards North Korea.

UN Nations NY Inside

Behind the Scenes: How Not to Negotiate an Enhanced NPT Review Process

When more than 100 delegations assembled this summer to review the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), expectations among most diplomats were low.

Donald R. Rothwell

Antipodean Nuclear Free Zones: Testing Times for Antarctica and the South Pacific

A video with speaker Donald R. Rothwell, Professor of International Law, ANU College of Law, Australian National University

María Antonieta Jáquez

The Role of NWFZs and the TPNW Towards Global Nuclear Weapon Elimination

A video with speaker María Antonieta Jáquez Huacuja, Deputy General Director for Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, and Arms Control, Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs.