A Framework to Evaluate the Risks of LLMs for Assisting CBRN Production Processes

February 28, 2024
Ian Stewart

Part of the Nonpro Notes series

Executive Summary

This paper examines how Large Language Models (LLMs) could contribute to the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons. A framework for examining the potential contribution of LLMs is presented. This framework identifies five areas of possible contribution, including brainstorming production processes, providing technical assistance, generating scripts or code for process simulation, aiding in designing relevant parts, and potentially linking to manufacturing services. It also outlines mitigation measures, distinguishing between built-in limitations of current LLMs and proactive strategies to prevent misuse. Finally, the paper underscores the importance of balancing the restriction of LLMs in CBRN applications with the preservation of their beneficial uses in advancing scientific research and development.

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