Russia’s War on Ukraine: The Implications for the Global Nuclear Order

March 12, 2024


00:00:00 Introduction by the moderator, Dr. Jeffrey Knopf, Professor and Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

00:02:40 Dr. Polina Sinovets, Head and Founder of the Odesa Center for Nonproliferation (OdCNP)

00:18:39 Dr. Iryna Maksymenko, Deputy of Head, European Security Studies, OdCNP

00:30:10 Dr. Valeriia Gergiieva, Research Fellow, OdCNP

00:48:12 Ms. Valeriia Hesse, Non-Resident Fellow, OdCNP

01:01:54 Dr. Tetyana Melnyk, PhD Candidate and Junior Research Fellow, OdCNP

01:20:31 Q&A: What constitutes Ukraine’s victory

01:25:58 Q&A: The conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine’s views on NATO’s strategic concept

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