Sig Hecker Articles

Sig Hecker talking to a group

How to Rebuild the Global Nuclear Order Post-Ukraine?

Dr. Hecker highlighted the importance of scientists and diplomats working together on these complex issues.

Dr. Siegfried Hecker Appointed as Distinguished Professor of Practice

The former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory and one of the most honored U.S. nuclear scientists has joined CNS.

2007: Diplomatic Engagement Gets the Rollback of Nuclear Program in Sight

Hosting the DPRK delegation in California and the Yongbyon visit and Pyongyang meetings.

2006: Visit in the Wake of DPRK’s First Nuclear Test

Discussions on post-test developments and everyday life in Pyongyang.

2005: Shedding More Light on DPRK Nuclear Program and Policy Goals

2005: Seeking a comprehensive approach to the nuclear issue

2004 The Improbable Visit: An Inside Look at North Korea’s Nuclear Program

2004: First sense of the country, its people, customs, and institutions