NATO-Russia Crisis Brief cover

Reducing Tension in Russia–NATO Relations

Options to improve stability and reduce the risks of conflict and escalation in Europe.

In flight a glass domed cockpit with one pilot and bombs underneath

Don’t Let the S-400/F-35 Challenge Ruin Relations Between Turkey and America

Neither country would be well-served by a weak NATO, undermined by Russia.

Participants around a conference table

Track 2 US-Turkey Strategic Dialogue in Brussels

Participants grappled with both challenges and opportunities in U.S.-Turkey relations.

Australia Broadcasting Corporation Radio Logo

When You’re No Longer Friends with the Country Who Stores Your Nukes

Miles Pomper on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio.

Jessica Varnum, CNS Deputy Director

Jessica Varnum Talks Turkey on the Peter Tilden Show

CNS Deputy Director on KABC Radio on the ramifications of US withdrawal from Syria.