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Meeting with Israel and US officials

Duplicity and Self-Deception: Israel, the United States, and the Dimona Inspections

Avner Cohen’s new publication for the Nuclear Vault.

Nasser and Egyptian pilots

New Research Examines the Nuclear Dimensions of the 1967 Middle East War

Israeli, Egyptian, US scholars examine unresolved questions about the role of Dimona in the Six-Day War.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (left), U.S. President Richard Nixon (center), and National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the White House. (Src: ciagov, Flickr.com)

Time for Israel to Drop Nuclear Ambiguity

Fifty years is long enough for Israel’s policy of nuclear ambiguity, writes Avner Cohen.

Experts on Iran Treaty

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Implications of US Withdrawal

VIDEO: Seminar with CNS & MIIS experts took place on May 22, 2018, at CNS of MIIS in Monterey.

Trump announcing Iran strategy, October 13, 2017. Credit: Whitehouse.gov

A Countdown to War

American threats could convince Iran it has no choice but to develop a nuclear bomb.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Yes, Iran Lied About Its Nuclear Capabilities. But So Did Israel

Netanyahu’s “theater” powerpoint demonstrated that even the almighty Mossad has no evidence of post-JCPOA violations.

Upcoming Event Washington DC

The Six-Day War (1967) Revisited: The Nuclear Dimension

MAY 31, 2018: A half-day panel discussion co-hosted with the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project.

Dr. Peter Hayes, the founder of the Nautilus Institute

NC3: Is There a Ghost in the Machine?

VIDEO: Dr. Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute, speaks in Dr. Avner Cohen’s seminar “The President and the Bomb.”

Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (Credit: Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons)

If Trump Wants to Use Nuclear Weapons, Whether It’s ‘Legal’ Won’t Matter

With virtually every other aspect of handling our nuclear weapons, there is a “two-man rule.”

Flag of Israel

Subjecting Israel’s Nuclear Program to the Rule of Law

The time has come for Israel to handle its most open secret differently.