Yes, Iran Lied About Its Nuclear Capabilities. But So Did Israel

May 4, 2018
Avner Cohen, Ben McIntosh

The following is an excerpt from Haaretz.

If any doubts remained regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s thespian talents, his Monday prime-time performance dispelled them. We witnessed, in a live broadcast, a most impressive but highly cynical show meant to manipulate the actions of one prime viewer: U.S. President Donald Trump, who is being pressured by Netanyahu to abandon the Iran nuclear deal.

We say “cynical” because Netanyahu’s show meant to be both manipulative and devious. Behind the stunning “cloak and dagger” aura surrounding his newly obtained intelligence – the Mossad transfer of the entire archive to Israel is a feat beyond the imagination – Netanyahu presented the world with an obsolete picture that was well-known when the agreement with Iran was signed.

But Netanyahu’s theatrical performance was not only cynical; it was also ironic.

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