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Israel Supreme Court (Src: Wikimedia Commons)

Nuclear Governance and Legislation in Four Nuclear-Armed Democracies

A comparative study of four Western democracies’ nuclear-governance structures ahead of an unprecedented hearing on nuclear policy by Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Israel’s Secret Plan to Nuke the Egyptian Desert

In May 1967, facing an unprecedented existential threat from Egypt and its other neighbors, Israel drew up a plan to detonate nukes in the Egyptian desert in a massive demonstration of power.

Vanunu Is Israels Edward Snowden

Nuclear Whistle-blower Vanunu Is Israel’s Edward Snowden

Mordechai Vanunu’s first TV interview in Hebrew revealed the intensity of Israeli vindictiveness.

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal with Sam Farr

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Conversation with Congressman Sam Farr

CNS and MIIS hosted a conversation with Congressman Sam Farr on the Iran nuclear deal on Monday, August 31.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel (Src: Wikimedia Commons)

Israel can live with the Iranian nuclear deal, can Netanyahu?

Israel can live with — and even benefit from– the Iranian nuclear deal. Can Netanyahu?

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Media Advisory: Understanding the Final Iran Agreement

Experts from CNS and VCDNP are available for comment on a range of aspects pertaining to the final Iran nuclear deal and its implications.

Iran Nuclear Deal Roundtable Discussion

Iran Nuclear Deal Roundtable Discussion

Video: a roundtable discussion was held on April 9th, 2015 with Jeffrey Knopf moderating.

The construction site near Dinoma in the Negev desert for Israel's then-secret nuclear reactor were taken during the last months of 1960. [ Src: http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/nukevault/ebb510/ ]

The US Discovery of Israel’s Dimona Complex

Israeli cover stories about the Dimona Complex Reactor dismayed US officials who saw a “clearly apparent lack of candor.”

israels nuclear budget arrow anti-ballistic missile launch

Israel’s Nuclear Budget

Israel shows a little leg on how much it spends on nuclear weapons – weapons it does not even admit to having.

Marshall Islands V. Nuclear Nine

The Marshall Islands filed 9 lawsuits against states possessing nuclear weapons.