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Assistant Secretary Ford giving a lecture

Assistant Secretary Ford on Efforts Toward a Middle East WMD-Free Zone

The US representative calls for “practical steps and confidence-building measures.”

Legal article (src: Pixabay)

A Model Law Prohibiting Luxury Goods Transfers to North Korea

CNS has developed a model embargo law easily adaptable by UN Member States.

Le Hague nuclear reprocessing plant. (Credit: United States Department of Energy.)

OP #42: The Other Fissile Material: Strengthening National and International Plutonium Management Approaches

Recommendations to avoid risks posed by existing and potential reprocessing programs.

Preventing Black-Market Trade in Nuclear Technology

Preventing Black-Market Trade in Nuclear Technology

A book co-edited by Matthew Bunn, William C. Potter, Leonard S. Spector, and Martin B. Malin.

Upcoming Event Washington DC

The Six-Day War (1967) Revisited: The Nuclear Dimension

MAY 31, 2018: A half-day panel discussion co-hosted with the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project.

OP#35: Countering North Korean Procurement Networks Through Financial Measures: The Role of Southeast Asia

OP#35: Countering North Korean Procurement Networks Through Financial Measures: The Role of Southeast Asia

Occasional Paper #35 is intended to aid Southeast Asian governments and financial institutions to counter financing of WMD programs in North Korea and other states of concern.

Caricatures of John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif. (src: DonkeyHotey, Flickr.com, Creative Commons 2.0)

President Trump Ready to Decertify Iran Deal

The end of the JCPOA could have serious, complicating effects on proliferation, regional security, and international trade.

US Blames Assad Regime for Worst Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria in Years

For more on the implications of this latest development, CNS experts are available for comment.

Dr. Lawrence Scheinman

In Remembrance of Lawrence Scheinman

He will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues in the United States and abroad.

A wide view of the Security Council as Members unanimously adopt resolution 1977 (2011) on 20 April 2011, extending for 10 years the mandate of the 1540 Committee. UN Photo/Devra Berkovitz

Spector Calls on UN Committee to Condemn Violations of WMD Controls

CNS deputy director recommends taking steps that could trigger sanctions for states that undermine the resolution.