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Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

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This collection of photos, records and reports, courtesy of Dr. Dale Nielsen, provides historically accurate details about the US-Russian conferences on computational methods. These conferences nurtured scientific contacts and branched out into joint research and joint projects with lasting benefits to all the labs involved in them.

Computer scientists from US and Russian weapons labs on first joint seminar

Group photo of Russian and US participants of JCCM-1, Livermore, Oct, 1992

Russian/US weapons laboratories introductory technical exchange in computational and computer science (JCCM-1), Livermore, Ca, LLNL, 19-21 October 1992

Agenda of JCCM-1

Session A: Algorithm Development I, October 19
Session A, List of PapersSession A, Full text

Session B: Algorithm Development II, October 19
Session B, List of PapersSession B, Full text

Session C: Applications, October 20
Session C, List of PapersSession C, Full text

Session D: Applied Math and Analysis, October 21
Session D, List of PapersSession D, Full text

Session E: High-Performance Computing, October 21
Session E, List of PapersSession E, Full text

Session F: Distributed Computing, October 20
Session F, List of PapersSession F, Full text

Computer Modelling Conference (JCCM-2), Arzamas-16, VNIIEF, September 7-11, 1993

Second Computational seminar, group photo

Second computational conference in Arzamas-16. Sep.1993

Agenda of JCCM-2

September 7 Program

September 8 Program

September 9 Program

September 10 Program

Dale Nielsen’s notes of I.D. Sofronov opening talk

Third Joint Conference on Computation Mathematics (JCCM-3), Los Alamos, NM, January 23-27, 1995

Third computational conference, group photo

Group photo of participants of the Third Computational Conference. Los Alamos, Jan. 1995

Agenda of JCCM-3

Attendee list

Fourth Joint Conference on Computational Mathematics (JCCM-4), Snezhinsk, May 20-25, 1996

Fourth Computational Conference in Snezhinsk

Fourth Computational Conference: participant numbers grow. Snezhinsk, May 1996

List of papers presented

Abstracts of papers

Fifth Joint Russian-American Computational Mathematics Conference (JCCM-5) , Albuquerque, NM, SNL, September 2-7, 1997

Agenda of JCCM-5

Proceedings of JCCM-5

LLNL’s George Miller’s proposal to restart the JCCMs, February 1999

Joint Russian-American Five-Laboratory Conference on Computational Mathematics/Physics (JCCM-6), Vienna, Austria, June 19-23, 2005

5LC group photo

Joint Russian-American Five-Laboratory Conference on Computational Mathematics/Physics. Vienna, May 2005

Overview and List of participants

Conference attendees photo index

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