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How Augmented Reality Can Help Americans Understand Arms Control

The pandemic has changed communication to audiences who are not physically close to their products.

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Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Warfare: A Perfect Storm of Instability?

Misrepresentations of the potential opportunities and risks of military AI can obscure debate.

Drone Swarm

AI, Drone Swarming, and Escalation Risks in Future Warfare

The dangers of using unreliable, AI-augmented war-fighting drones.

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Nonproliferation Review, Vol. 26, Nos. 5–6

Includes a Special Section on the shifting South Asian nuclear landscape.

Keith Masback Speaking

Keith J. Masback Appointed Non-Resident Advisor, Industry Partnerships

Further enhancing CNS strategic partnerships with the private and governmental sectors.

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The Technological Imperative of Ethical Evolution

VIDEO: Martin E. Hellman on the need to rethink our concept of national security.

War on the Rocks

AI, Cyberspace, and Nuclear Weapons

Military escalation risks are associated with emerging technology, especially inadvertent and accidental escalation.


The Artificial Intelligence–Cyber Nexus

Future iterations of AI-enhanced cyber counterforce capabilities may compromise cyber defense and increase escalation risk.

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Artificial Intelligence – A Threat to Strategic Stability?

Video: Seminar with Dr. James Johnson, postdoctoral research fellow at CNS.

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Is the US Losing the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race?

Increasingly sophisticated Chinese and Russian technologies threaten the dominance of US technological innovation.