Short Course: Tracking North Korea’s WMD and Sanctions Evasion with Open Sources

December 15, 2020
David Schmerler

How do non-governmental researchers study the most secret activities of a closed society? The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) is offering an all-new short course for entry- to mid-level researchers on the open-source analysis of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and sanctions evasion. The course introduces participants to the cutting-edge research techniques, tools, and resources used by CNS, and teaches them how to use them. It includes general open-source research skills, satellite imagery analysis, analysis of scientific publications, and how to track sanctions evasion activity.

The course will be offered online over two weekend sessions: February 26–28 and March 5–7, 2021. This course is generously funded by the Korea Foundation and is tuition-free.

The course will include presentations from CNS staff members, hands-on case studies, and supervised group research projects where participants will put the tools to use themselves.

Kim Jong Un viewing a missile launch test


This course is open to US-based entry- to mid-level researchers. Background knowledge of North Korea, weapons of mass destruction, and sanctions is helpful. No experience with open-source research is required. All course instruction and discussions will be conducted in English.

How to Apply

Deadline: January 17, 2020

Submit the following requirements via email at [email protected]:

  • A 250 word explanation of your interest in open-source research
  • How your research is related to studying North Korea and/or the Korean Peninsula
  • A copy of your CV


For questions about the course and application requirements, please contact:

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