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The Limits of Kim’s Patience: Will North Korea Test another Missile Soon?

As negotiations continue to stall, the DPRK leader’s options appear increasingly limited.

North Korean missiles trapped in ice with sunshine photo illustration

OP #46: Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Programs

Freezing North Korea’s missile program can be a first step toward promoting trust and providing concrete security benefits.

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China Has Big Plans for Its Nuclear Energy Industry. But Will They Pan Out?

China is increasingly viewed less as the salvation of the Western nuclear power industry, and more as a competitive threat.

NK News

Judge Juche 2: North Korean (Mis)adventures in Uganda

We look at a failed construction project, attempts at insurance fraud, and the four lawsuits that resulted when everything went wrong.

NK News

Judge Juche: How Russian Courts Penalize North Korean Cash Smuggling

The legal (mis)adventures of North Korean entities and individuals overseas.

OP#39: Safeguards and Verification in Inaccessible Territories

Identifying lessons from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Fukushima/Japan, and Crimea/Ukraine.

Donald Trump

Trump is Walking into Kim Jong Un’s Trap

The North Koreans have sought a visit from a sitting president of the U.S. since the Clinton administration.

Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson’s ‘New Approach’ to North Korea Sounds a lot like the Old Approach

North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile program may require a policy change that includes more than just sanctions.

North Korean Flags in Pyongyang

What Should China and the US Do About North Korea?

Experts from the US and China give advice on how to best approach North Korea’s advancing missile and nuclear program.

Sri Lankan Military

Connecting the OSINT Dots on Sri Lankan-North Korean Military Deals

Are Sri Lankan and North Korean military deals simply due to disjointed internal-decision making?