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NK News

Who’s Deceiving Whom? Open Source North Korea Under the Microscope

NYT coverage of think-tank report risks credibility of open-source research on North Korea.

Los Angeles Times

The Trump-Kim Summit Was Far from ‘Epochal’ but at Least It’s a Return to Diplomacy

The outcome of the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore brings to mind the old Army quip: “Hurry up and wait.”

New York Daily News

Who Gained and Who Lost What from the Trump-Kim Summit

If the White House continues to insist on the “Libya model,” we may be headed for re-runs of the rolling crisis of 2017.

New York Daily News

In the Wreckage of the Trump–Kim Summit That Wasn’t

What our foreign policy of one cost us.

The Nonproliferation Review

New Issue of the Nonproliferation Review Now Available

This issue contains a special section, “Symposium: The Strategic Elimination of Nuclear Weapons,” that is free to access until June 30, 2018.

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

CNS Experts Respond to the US Withdrawal from the Iran Deal

An “ill-conceived” decision “of potentially historic proportion.”

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel (Src: Wikimedia Commons)

Netanyahu and Iran’s Atomic Archive: What’s New and What’s Not

Tehran’s nuclear planners envisioned an arsenal so small as to make Kim Jong Un giggle.

Joshua Pollack

Good Words from DPRK, but Actions Will Be Harder

Op/ed in the NY Daily News by NPR Editor Joshua Pollack

Joshua Pollack

From LeMay to McMaster: The Pentagon’s Difficult Relationship with Deterrence

In the nuclear era, there is more to national defense than just a good offense.

Occasional Paper #34 Pyongsan uranium mine map

OP#34: Open-Source Monitoring of Uranium Mining and Milling for Nuclear Nonproliferation Applications

Rapidly evolving open-source tools are giving researchers a window into the first step toward a possible nuclear bomb.