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Rafael Grossi Has Big Plans for the IAEA. But Can He Deliver?

Miles Pomper on the new DG’s agenda and challenges.

Military Aircraft on tarmac

Why the US Has Nuclear Weapons in Turkey—and May Try to Put the Bombs Away

Pentagon officials are reviewing plans to remove 50 nuclear bombs.

Additive manufacturing (src: Shutterstock)

WMD Capabilities Enabled by Additive Manufacturing

Developments in 3D printing could spur the spread of chemical and biological weapons and WMD delivery systems.

The Conversation

Nuclear Weapons and Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Program: 4 Questions Answered

Why uranium enrichment is central to both peaceful nuclear energy programs and building nuclear weapons.

North Korean missiles trapped in ice with sunshine photo illustration

OP #46: Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Programs

Freezing North Korea’s missile program can be a first step toward promoting trust and providing concrete security benefits.

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China Has Big Plans for Its Nuclear Energy Industry. But Will They Pan Out?

China is increasingly viewed less as the salvation of the Western nuclear power industry, and more as a competitive threat.

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Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Program

EVENT: Panel Discussion with CNS experts to discuss verification requirements and security benefits associated with each option.

OP #43: North Korea’s International Scientific Collaborations: Their Scope, Scale, and Potential Dual-Use and Military Significance

International scientific collaborations are helping North Korea advance its technology.

Le Hague nuclear reprocessing plant. (Credit: United States Department of Energy.)

OP #42: The Other Fissile Material: Strengthening National and International Plutonium Management Approaches

Recommendations to avoid risks posed by existing and potential reprocessing programs.

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It Is Time to Update the President’s Nuclear Command Authority

Increased oversight, under the right circumstances, would decrease the risk of any US president using nuclear weapons preemptively or without just cause.