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Congressional Considerations for a US–Saudi Nuclear Agreement

The next round of US–KSA negotiations is expected to start in early 2019. Here’s what Congress should know.

OP#39: Safeguards and Verification in Inaccessible Territories

Identifying lessons from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Fukushima/Japan, and Crimea/Ukraine.

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Saudi Nuclear Program at a Crossroads

The program is barely in its infancy but has already spurred much controversy.

Nuclear Energy in Saudi Arabia (Src: Shutterstock)

Nuclear Energy in Saudi Arabia

A CNS workshop discussed ramifications on Saudi electricity needs, national and regional security, reactor suppliers, and US Congressional action.

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Washington’s Plan for a Nuclear Agreement with Saudi Arabia May Be in Jeopardy

Op/ed by Chen Kane and Ramya Ramjee in National Interest

CNS Deputy Director Elena Sokova

CNS Celebrates International Women’s Day

Celebrating the outstanding work and achievements of CNS women leaders, researchers, and staff.

Event photo with Dr. Ali Ahmad and Chen Kane

The Future of a Nuclear Middle East

Exploring the economic and security factors of a regional push for nuclear power.

Caricatures of John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif. (src: DonkeyHotey,, Creative Commons 2.0)

President Trump Ready to Decertify Iran Deal

The end of the JCPOA could have serious, complicating effects on proliferation, regional security, and international trade.

US Blames Assad Regime for Worst Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria in Years

For more on the implications of this latest development, CNS experts are available for comment.

President Barack Obama talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office Monday, May 18, 2009. Offical White House Photo by Pete Souza. (Source: White House account)

Why the US-Israel Military Aid Package Matters

Despite record levels of US military assistance to Israel under the Obama administration, the state of US-Israel relations has worsened, not strengthened, in recent years.