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Will Trump Risk National Security and a Deal with North Korea?

If Washington left the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, then Moscow would likely follow suit.

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US-North Korea Diplomacy Is Over for Now. What Comes Next?

After fruitless negotiations, Kim Jong Un is turning back to his weapons scientists.

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Judge Juche: How North Korean Front Companies Sell Their Software to the World

The global reach of North Korean IT companies challenges those seeking to comply with sanctions on North Korea.

Satellite image of the training center on the coast

Revealed: North Korea’s Likely New Submariner Training Center

North Korea’s images of a new submarine, likely with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).

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A Model Law Prohibiting Luxury Goods Transfers to North Korea

CNS has developed a model embargo law easily adaptable by UN Member States.

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North Korea Is Keeping Its Nukes. That Seems to Be Fine with Trump Now.

The administration is treating North Korea like the nuclear power it is.

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Another North Korean Provocation Ahead of the G20 Summit? Don’t Count on It

North Korea is keeping its options open amid warming ties with the United States and China.

Preliminary range assessment of the KN-23 using Missile Tool Kit and Missile Flyout.

Preliminary Analysis: KN-23 SRBM

Despite the general similarity with Russia’s Iskander-M, the KN-23 exhibits differences consistent with indigenous design and production.

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The Limits of Kim’s Patience: Will North Korea Test another Missile Soon?

As negotiations continue to stall, the DPRK leader’s options appear increasingly limited.

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Judge Juche: The Curious Case of the Wise Honest Seizure

The loss of one of its largest ships deals a major blow to North Korea’s money-making abilities.