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North Korean missiles trapped in ice with sunshine photo illustration

OP #46: Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Programs

Freezing North Korea’s missile program can be a first step toward promoting trust and providing concrete security benefits.

Nuclear missiles locked in ice photo illustration

Options for a Verifiable Freeze on North Korea’s Missile Program

EVENT: Panel Discussion with CNS experts to discuss verification requirements and security benefits associated with each option.

NK News

Judge Juche 2: North Korean (Mis)adventures in Uganda

We look at a failed construction project, attempts at insurance fraud, and the four lawsuits that resulted when everything went wrong.

NK News

Judge Juche: How Russian Courts Penalize North Korean Cash Smuggling

The legal (mis)adventures of North Korean entities and individuals overseas.

National Public Radio (NPR)

Trump Just Walked Away from the Best North Korea Deal He’ll Ever Get

It is obvious, or it should be, that North Korea has a strong hand to play.

Trump and Kim in Hanoi 2019

Anyone Could Have Seen Trump’s Failure in Hanoi Coming. Except Trump.

US officials are mistaken to think Kim Jong Un will disarm before sanctions end.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, US President Donald Trump (Source: Shutterstock)

Hope from Hanoi? Getting the Facts on the Trump-Kim Summit

What to know for Trump-Kim summit, round 2

OP #45: The Finger on the Button

Authorizing and executing launch in nuclear-armed states.

Monitoring North Korean Monuments from Space

Visits to monuments are an indication of the regime’s emphasis on nuclear weapons in propaganda efforts.

Identifying DPRK Machine Plants

We geolocated six important sites linked to the North Korean missile program.