Leonard S. Spector Articles

A wide view of the Security Council as Members unanimously adopt resolution 1977 (2011) on 20 April 2011, extending for 10 years the mandate of the 1540 Committee. UN Photo/Devra Berkovitz

Spector Calls on UN Committee to Condemn Violations of WMD Controls

CNS deputy director recommends taking steps that could trigger sanctions for states that undermine the resolution.

A Proliferation Plateau May Offer Unique Opportunities

Has proliferation to new countries reached a plateau? That is how things appear in early 2016 on the basis of publicly available information.

The Future Impact of North Korea’s Emerging Nuclear Deterrent

The Future Impact of North Korea’s Emerging Nuclear Deterrent

The ripple effects of North Korea crossing the nuclear threshold may be more limited than they first appear.

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Media Advisory: Understanding the Final Iran Agreement

Experts from CNS and VCDNP are available for comment on a range of aspects pertaining to the final Iran nuclear deal and its implications.

Proliferation Finance

Countering Proliferation Finance: Understanding the Essentials

Webinar focusing on the nexus between nonproliferation and the financial sector.

Countering Nuclear Commodity Smuggling

OP#20: Countering Nuclear Commodity Smuggling: A System of Systems

Occasional Paper #20: This study recommends action to prevent nuclear smuggling to Iran, North Korea, and other countries seeking nuclear weapons.

The Future of Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

Congressional testimony highlights future of nuclear energy cooperation and risks of nuclear proliferation

Nonproliferation Course to be Convened for US Officials in Washington DC

DEADLINE MAY 9: US Government officials are invited to apply to attend May 19-23rd, 2014 course at the CNS Washington DC office.

President Barack Obama Wikimedia Commons

Critical Questions: Urgent Decisions for the Second Obama Administration

CNS experts propose nonproliferation and disarmament priorities.

Chemical Weapons: Syria Military

Minimizing Dangers Posed by Syria’s Military Assets

Testimony of Leonard S. Spector before the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade, Committee on Foreign Affairs, US House of Representatives, July 19, 2012.