Amy Smithson Articles

Amy Smithson Testifies before Congress on Biological Weapon Threats

CNS Senior Fellow testified on the upcoming Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference and bioweapon threats to the US.

Chemical Weapons: Syria Military

How Chemical Weapons Could Change Strategy for Syria

Audio Interview: CNS expert, Amy Smithson, featured on NPR.

CNS article

OP#17: Ugly Truths: Saddam Hussein and Other Insiders on Iraq’s Covert Bioweapons

Occasional Paper #17: Scholars can evaluate the thinking of Saddam Hussein thanks to captured records.

President Barack Obama Wikimedia Commons

Critical Questions: Urgent Decisions for the Second Obama Administration

CNS experts propose nonproliferation and disarmament priorities.

SARS Virus, WikiMedia Commons

Beijing on Biohazards

The report is a collection of essays by top Chinese & Western experts.