Conference Reports

Participants around a conference table

Track 2 US-Turkey Strategic Dialogue in Brussels

Participants grappled with both challenges and opportunities in U.S.-Turkey relations.

ICONS 2020

ICONS 2020

A large and visible cohort of CNS experts and alumni demonstrate the efficacy of civil society in the nuclear security field.

Group photo in front of a government building

Empowering Women in Ukraine and Morocco

Increasing gender equity across the nuclear field.

Princeton University

Evidence about North Korea’s Nuclear-Weapon Designs

Open-source data presents a consistent picture of DPRK’s four nuclear-weapon designs

Assistant Secretary Ford giving a lecture

Assistant Secretary Ford on Efforts Toward a Middle East WMD-Free Zone

The US representative calls for “practical steps and confidence-building measures.”

CNS Director William Potter with CNS experts and students

CNS Activities at the 2019 NPT PrepCom

A multitude of CNS experts, students, and alumni participated in the NPT PrepCom.

Day 1 of the 2019 NPT PrepCom

NPT PrepCom 2019: Live CNS Updates

A group of students, young professionals, and CNS staff attend each NPT PrepCom and RevCon as part of the CNS delegation.

Tracy Lyon

Network Analysis of Brokerage Potential at Nonproliferation Treaty Conferences

Video: Seminar with Tracy Lyon, candidate in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies and MBA programs at MIIS.

Group photo of students and instructors

High School Students from Japan, Russia, and the US Tackle Nuclear Dangers

This year, local students of Monterey County joined the CIF forum on nuclear risk reduction and crisis prevention.

The Sound of Conference

“The Sound of Conference”

Closing the Annecy NPT retreat with a Simon & Garfunkel parody.