Quds Day rally, Display middleware missiles, Zulfiqar rocket, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Iran Tehran, june 23, 2017. (Src: Shutterstock)

Iranian Missiles on Parade

Fabian Hinz discusses Iranian missile proliferation in the region with the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

The slide show presentation event

Answering Threats with Threats

Iranian fears of biological weapons may be driving their offensive development.

Daily Beast

How Trump Used Classified Intel to Troll Iran

If Donald Trump wants to disclose secrets to the Russian ambassador, or to the entire world via Twitter, he may do so. But at a massive cost to the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

H Diplo ISSF Logo in Blue on White

Reflecting on the Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Weapons in International Politics

Accessible, policy-relevant scholarship can help inform both public and policymaker conversations.

The Conversation

Nuclear Weapons and Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Program: 4 Questions Answered

Why uranium enrichment is central to both peaceful nuclear energy programs and building nuclear weapons.

Iran Space Launch Vehicle

Iran’s Space Launch: ICBM or Space Program Development?

CNS researchers use satellite imagery to determine if these space launch vehicles are the ICBMs you are looking for.

Experts on Iran Treaty

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Implications of US Withdrawal

VIDEO: Seminar with CNS & MIIS experts took place on May 22, 2018, at CNS of MIIS in Monterey.

Trump announcing Iran strategy, October 13, 2017. Credit:

A Countdown to War

American threats could convince Iran it has no choice but to develop a nuclear bomb.

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

CNS Experts Respond to the US Withdrawal from the Iran Deal

An “ill-conceived” decision “of potentially historic proportion.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Yes, Iran Lied About Its Nuclear Capabilities. But So Did Israel

Netanyahu’s “theater” powerpoint demonstrated that even the almighty Mossad has no evidence of post-JCPOA violations.