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Russia’s New Nuclear Policy Could Be a Path to Arms Control Treaties

Possible opportunities for engagement when other good alternatives are hard to see.

Airplane on the tarmac on a sunny day

Implications of US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty

The latest blow to the global arms control architecture.

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Will Trump Risk National Security and a Deal with North Korea?

If Washington left the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, then Moscow would likely follow suit.

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The Bomb in College Classrooms

“We’re not teaching students enough about weapons of mass destruction—and it shows,” warns CNS expert Sarah Bidgood.

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Risky Business: Four Ways to Ease US-Russian Nuclear Tension

The era of traditional U.S.-Russian arms control appears to be ending.

The underground nuclear test Site at Novaya Zemlya, Russia

US Claims of Russian Noncompliance with Nuclear-Test Ban Raise Questions

CNS experts on fact-checking, background, and implications of the accusations.

CNS Director William Potter with CNS experts and students

CNS Activities at the 2019 NPT PrepCom

A multitude of CNS experts, students, and alumni participated in the NPT PrepCom.

Day 1 of the 2019 NPT PrepCom

NPT PrepCom 2019: Live CNS Updates

A group of students, young professionals, and CNS staff attend each NPT PrepCom and RevCon as part of the CNS delegation.

United Nations General Assembly hall in New York City. (Src: Patrick Gruban, Wikimedia Commons)

Possible Wild Cards to Contemplate in Preparation for the 2019 NPT PrepCom

A number of surprises are likely for the next NPT PrepCom. CNS flags six issues that merit attention.

Chair of the 2019 NPT Preparatory Committee meeting, Ambassador Syed Hasrin

An NPT Hallmark in Annecy

The diplomatic workshop continues to demonstrate its value as part of the NPT review process.