Putin’s Novel Delivery Systems

October 2, 2020

This webinar showcased the research in progress by a team of CNS experts on Russian military innovation in the missile sector. It focused on the development of five of Russia’s novel weapons systems—Burevestnik, Kinzhal, Poseidon, Avangard, and Tsirkon—and the internal and external factors that are driving this process.

Though some of these five systems appear to be direct responses to perceived advances in US weapons innovation, particularly in missile defense, others are likely the product of domestic scientific breakthroughs, technical entrepreneurship, and/or bureaucratic competition or other economic considerations. This ongoing research project analyzes the progression of these systems from conception to development and testing and, where relevant, mass production and deployment to draw broader conclusions about the nature of Russian military innovation today.

Speakers include:

  • Overview remarks: CNS Director Dr. William C. Potter
  • Eurasia Program Director Sarah Bidgood
  • Research Associate Michael Duitsman
  • Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Hannah Notte


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