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What Russia Wants in the Middle East

Moscow seeks to exploit instability but avoid escalation.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Nuclear energy could power the AI boom—but only if proliferation risks are minimized

The United States should prioritize support to industry players that have minimized the proliferation risks of their prospective technology.

2024 Summer Undergraduate Fellows with Dr. William Potter, CNS Director, and Masako Toki, Sr. Project Manager

CNS commits to educating the next generation of nonproliferation experts through the Summer Undergraduate Program

This summer again, a cohort of twelve highly qualified students has been selected as Undergraduate Fellows through a competitive and rigorous selection process.

Two groups of women in nuclear fields standing in front of the Lawrence National Labs building.

CNS Co-Hosted a U.S. Technical Exchange for Women in Nuclear Fields from Black Sea and Central Asia

The groups met stakeholders in U.S. policy and nuclear security science in Washington DC and New Mexico. They discussed recent developments and shared practices for promoting DEIA policies with U.S. peers.

A Q&A with Ambassador Richards

CNS had a Q&A session after Ambassador Richards gave a commencement speech for the Spring graduating class of 2024.

Russia, the Global South and the Mechanics of the Nuclear Order

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has severely impacted global nuclear governance, hindering progress in crucial forums such as the IAEA, NPT, and UN First Committee, amplifying frustration among non-nuclear countries.

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Machiavelli in the Ivory Tower: A CNS videocast series

Ep. 11: Germany’s Atomic Zeitenwende – with Ulrich Kühn

Jamaican ambassador to Japan Shorna-Kay Richards and CNS Director William Potter

Ambassador Richard’s Speech Highlights CNS’ Impact on Nonproliferation

Ambassador Shorna-Kay M. Richards spread a message of urgency to address a myriad of global problems but also one of hope.

Hideo Asano holding a microphone

MIIS/MANPTS Alumnus Hideo Asano Strives to Join Forces for Nuclear Abolition

This new group is aiming to persuade the Japanese government to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) by the year 2030.

OP#59: Russia, The Global South and Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy after the Invasion of Ukraine

OP#59: Russia, The Global South and Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy after the Invasion of Ukraine

This paper assesses the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on multilateral nuclear diplomacy, with a particular focus on dynamics between Russia and countries of the Global South.