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The Age of Great-Power Distraction

Great-power distraction invites considerable long-term risk.

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Russia’s Axis of the Sanctioned

Moscow Is Bringing Washington’s Enemies Together

Neil Couch, Director, Office of Verification, Planning, and Outreach; Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance; U.S. Department of State

The Implementation of START, the Moscow Treaty, and New START

What happens after an arms control treaty is signed and ratified, and the hard work of negotiations bears fruit? In short, more hard work.


The New Authoritarian Axis: Russian Relations with North Korea and Iran

PODCAST: Assessing the significance of Russia’s increasingly close relationships with Pyongyang and Tehran for U.S. national security.

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How Russia Globalized the War in Ukraine

The Kremlin’s Pressure-Point Strategy to Undermine the West

War on the Rocks

The West Cannot Cure Russia’s Nuclear Fever

Short of curing the fever, the United States and Europe can still take steps to lower the temperature.

The evolution of Russia’s relations with the West: A conversation with Hanna Notte (Src:

The evolution of Russia’s relations with the West: A conversation with Hanna Notte

Dr. Hanna Notte gave an interview on the evolution of Russia’s foreign policy and Russia’s war against Ukraine to, an Armenian online television and media platform.

Forecasting Russian Military Innovation: The Role of Soviet “Zombie Weapons”

This seminar video outlines the methodology behind this forecasting project and describe its major results to date.

Kim Jong Un and Putin with Tel equipment faded behind them.

Beyond North Korea: Possible Sources of Small Arms and Light Weapons Exports to Russia in 2022?

Economic and political interests influence supply chains in the Ukraine conflict. Understanding them can help scope out a reshaped political network that could be exploited by North Korea.

three photos one of Sarah Bidgood one of Rose Gottemoeller and one group photo of the panel

Russian Nuclear Weapons In Belarus? A CNS Roundtable Discussion

Discussion on Putin’s announcement that Russia will deploy tactical nuclear warheads to Belarus.