Putin’s Ukraine obsession has blinded him to dangers at home

March 25, 2024
Hanna Notte

The following is an excerpt from Financial Times.

Soon after Friday’s terrorist attack killed at least 137 people in Moscow, Russian pundits and politicians insinuated that the attackers had links to Ukraine. This came as little surprise. It has become standard for the Kremlin to blame Ukraine for Russia’s internal blunders and accuse it of making common cause with nefarious forces.

In October, Russia asserted that antisemitic riots at Makhachkala airport in the Dagestan region were inspired by Ukraine. Moscow has also alleged that Kyiv and Washington are attempting to recruit Isis fighters into Ukraine’s armed forces. Still, Russia’s latest rhetoric underscores just how deeply Vladimir Putin has become alienated from the US, which he once viewed as a partner in fighting terrorism. More ominously, Russia’s blame game may also signal military escalation against Ukraine.

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