Iraq Missile-Related Issues

Reports of Iraq’s missiles program face discrepancies as unilateral destruction of special warheads does not provide correct figures.

Iraq Chemical Weapons

The extent of Iraq’s attempts at producing the nerve agent, VX, is the next priority.

Iraq Concealment

Multiple investigations have discovered that Iraq had a centrally controlled mechanism tasked with concealing material and activity proscribed by Security Council resolutions.

Iraq Documents

UNSCOM seeks document from Iraqi side in order to have a full understanding of the way those weapons were conceived, produced and in some cases destroyed.

Security Council Introduction by Ambassador Butler

Following the first Gulf War the United Nations Special Commission was created to supervise the destruction of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and missile capabilities.

Unilateral Destruction

Iraq’s unilateral destruction creates problems for Special Commission’s verification process.

The Significance of the “Death” of Ali Hassan al-Majid

Iraq’s ability to resist the US/UK forces in the south of Iraq have taken a hit with the possible death of Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam’s paternal cousin.

The Republican Guard, Al-Haris Al-Jamhuri

Saddam’s Republican Guard provides stiff resistance against US and UK forces deployed in Iraq.

The Battle for Basra

Securing Basra has numerous ramifications for US Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Iraqi Actors in the North of Iraq

A myriad of armed tribal and Islamist militias in the north of Iraq could pose a threat to US forces stationed in the area.