Turkey’s Position in the Iraq Operation: Bridge or Barrier?

Turkey and the United States have differences in attaining their objectives in Iraq, but the commonalities will eventually encourage the allies to cooperate.

Who Are Saddam’s Fidayin?

A military unit dedicated to sacrificing themselves for Saddam has played a prominent part in attacking American forces in the south of Iraq.

Command and Control of Iraq’s Chemical Weapons Arsenal

As US forces approach the outskirts of Baghdad, the Pentagon has asserted that Republican Guard Units have the authority to deploy chemical weapons.

American POWs

Saddam Hussein offers incentives to his officers for capturing prisoners of war.

Just Following (Saddam Hussein’s) Orders

Documents taken in Iraq after the first Persian Gulf war showed the extent to which Saddam Hussein hoped to have his soldiers and even civilians exploit prisoners of war.

Russian Reaction, Day Two: Recalling the Ambassador

Russia’s concerns about the perceived trend toward the unrestricted use of force by the United States.

Russian Reaction: What’s Behind the Opposition?

Russian remains firm on its position that the use of force in international relations requires the explicit endorsement of the Security Council, except in cases of self defense.

International Reactions to US Strikes on Iraq

US air strikes on Iraq are met with mixed views from the international community.

UNSCOM: United Nations Special Commission

Laboratory analyses seek to establish what substances filled special missile warheads remnants excavated in Iraq.

Iraq Sought Russian Arms Technology

In an effort to rearm after the 1991 Persian Golf War Iraq looked to Russia for military technology and know-how about weapons of mass destruction.