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The second Surety Technology Symposium dealt with Transportation Surety, and was hosted by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. The meetings were held from 26 October – 2 November 1994, and a Memorandum of the Meeting documented the general results and pointed towards future activities.

The third Surety Technology Symposium covered a range of safety topics, and was hosted by RFNC-VNIIEF in Sarov, Russia. The meetings were held from 26 Janary – 2 February 1994. Article in the Sarov City Courier of 29 January 1994 described the conduct of the Symposium.

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Formal conference photograph taken in the snow outside the House of Scientists, the venue for all symposium discussions. This is a cropped version without the House of Scientists on the background. Sarov, Feb. 1994

William Bookless, LLNL, Irina Shubina, interpreter, VNIITF, Vladimir Belugin, VNIIEF. Sarov, Feb. 1994

Unknown person, Dave Nokes, SNL, William Bookless, LLNL, Georgy Tsyrkov, Minatom, Rady Ilkaev, VNIIEF. Sarov, February 1994.

W. Bookless, LLNL, P. Koblov, VNIITF, interpreter Irina, and E. Avrorin, VNIITF.

In the VNIIEF museum. Paul Urtiew, LLNL, William Bookless, LLNL, Georgy Tsyrkov, Minatom, Evgeny Kozlov, VNIITF

William Bookless, Georgy Tsyrkov, Dave Nokes and Paul White in VNIIEF museum. Sarov, February 1994.

William Bookless taking video at the banquet following the Sarov symposium. Seated, right to left, are Lidia Ilkaeva, Rady Ilkaev, head of computing at VNIIEF, фтв Lev BelovodskySarov. Sarov, February 1994

Group seated at a dining table.

Group seated at a dining table

Radi Ilkaev, Stanislav Novikov and Olga Vorontsova, VNIIEF

Group smiling for the camera

Sarov. January 1994. In the group: second from the left, Irina Shubina, in the center, Bill Tau, LLNL, Paul Urtiew, LLNL and William Bookless, LLNL.

Original photograph for the Gorodskoi Courier article, depicting discussion among: P. White, LANL; G. Tsyrkov, Minatom; Y. Khariton, VNIIEF; and D. Nokes, SNL.

A noteworthy recreational event occurred during the weekend of the Symposium – an historic volleyball match between U.S. and Russian scientists. Let the record show the U.S. side struggled valiantly but were ultimately vanquished by the superior Russian side. The American team at the beginning of the match.

The Russian team ready to take on.

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