William Potter’s Articles

International Security

Death Dust

The little-known story of US and Soviet pursuit of radiological weapons.

Putin’s Novel Delivery Systems

WEBINAR: Analyzing Russian military innovation.

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The CTBT and the 10th NPT Review Conference

WEBINAR: Challenges facing the treaties and the potential to strengthen both at the 10th NPT Review Conference.

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Nonproliferation Trends. What’s News, What’s True?

A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. Can this basic principle find support?


It’s Time to Rethink Our Russia Policy

America’s mix of sanctions and diplomacy isn’t working. An open letter reconsiders our approach to Putin—and whoever is next.

Bruce Blair (src: Global Zero)

In Remembrance of Bruce Blair

The international peace and security field lost one of its most distinguished members this week.

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From a Novel Idea to a World-Class Center

Dr. Bill Potter discusses the founding of CNS.

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CNS Holds Virtual US-Russia Dialogue Featuring Next Generation Experts

The history of US-Soviet/Russian cooperation within the NPT and explored how it has changed over fifty years.

The Tenth NPT Review Conference: Challenges and Opportunities

WEBINAR: Challenges and opportunities surrounding the postponed NPT RevCon.

Postponement of the 2020 NPT Review Conference: Possible Implications

Examining the implications of the postponement of the Tenth NPT Review Conference