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Woman researcher in lab safety gear working with vials

A Guide To Getting Serious About Bio-Lab Safety

A four-step plan for the front lines of pandemic prevention.

Two women in masks, face shields, and coveralls with pens and clipboards registering people taking the test for covid 19

COVID-19 Update and Implications for the Future

WEBINAR: with CNS expert Dr. Richard Pilch, BCW Nonproliferation Director.

woman in lab gear working with a syringe

Engaging China on Bioweapons and Beyond

Cooperating to overcome the gravest threats of nature and those of our own making.

Kazakhstan Lab

Kazakhstan’s New National Laboratory is a Regional Resource for a Global Cause

A US-funded biosafety lab in Kazakhstan could herald a new era of collaboration.

Doctors with a patient lying on a table with medical equipment

COVID-19 Has Shown U.S., U.K. Are Vulnerable to Biological Terrorism

CNS’s Dr. Richard Pilch shares his thoughts on addressing natural and deliberate biological threats.

Small clove-shaped pieces emerging from a sphere. More than one sphere.

CNS’s Dr. Pilch Interviewed on the Origin of COVID-19

Dr. Richard Pilch shares his thoughts on COVID-19’s origin with The Economist.

Man in a protective suit and helmet picks through vials with a gloved hand

Spore Wars: The Havoc of COVID-19 to Spark New Concern over Bioweapons

In theory they are banned, but some countries may produce them covertly.

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) logo

Russia, the USA and China Should Work Together against Natural or Deliberate Biological Threats

An interview concerning COVID-19, pandemics, and terrorism, with CNS’ Richard Pilch.

Four vials in a box

“Test, Flex, and Scale” – An Operational Plan for COVID-19 Recovery in Resource-Constrained America

A plan to overcome US limitations in testing, tracing, and healthcare.

Flags of member nations at the United Nations Headquarters, seen in 2007 (Src: Aotearoa, Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion – COVID-19 Underscores the Need for International Partnerships in the Life Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique opportunity to build bridges through public and veterinary health.