Richard Pilch Articles

Food workers in aprons and hair nets washing lettuce

Opinion: US Food Security During COVID-19

Time to put our money where our mouth is.

Gask mask in a wooded field

The Pandemic’s Preparedness Lessons

How the US can effectively counter biological weapons.

Photo of a small flag of the former Soviet Union in a field

Biowarfare – Can It Tell Us Anything About the Corona Virus?

PODCAST: CNS’s Dr. Pilch discusses the former Soviet Union’s biological weapons program in the context of COVID-19.

Woman researcher in lab safety gear working with vials

A Guide To Getting Serious About Bio-Lab Safety

A four-step plan for the front lines of pandemic prevention.

Two women in masks, face shields, and coveralls with pens and clipboards registering people taking the test for covid 19

COVID-19 Update and Implications for the Future

WEBINAR: with CNS expert Dr. Richard Pilch, BCW Nonproliferation Director.

woman in lab gear working with a syringe

Engaging China on Bioweapons and Beyond

Cooperating to overcome the gravest threats of nature and those of our own making.

Kazakhstan Lab

Kazakhstan’s New National Laboratory is a Regional Resource for a Global Cause

A US-funded biosafety lab in Kazakhstan could herald a new era of collaboration.

Doctors with a patient lying on a table with medical equipment

COVID-19 Has Shown U.S., U.K. Are Vulnerable to Biological Terrorism

CNS’s Dr. Richard Pilch shares his thoughts on addressing natural and deliberate biological threats.

Small clove-shaped pieces emerging from a sphere. More than one sphere.

CNS’s Dr. Pilch Interviewed on the Origin of COVID-19

Dr. Richard Pilch shares his thoughts on COVID-19’s origin with The Economist.

Man in a protective suit and helmet picks through vials with a gloved hand

Spore Wars: The Havoc of COVID-19 to Spark New Concern over Bioweapons

In theory they are banned, but some countries may produce them covertly.