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The Elusive Russian Nuclear Threshold

The US debates a greater reliance on nuclear weapons as Russia seems to decrease it.

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The Hague Code of Conduct: Multivector Expansion

At a UN event, Dr. Nikolai Sokov discusses risky but valuable changes to the missile regime.

Nuclear Comeback Time in Europe?

For arms control to survive, we must focus on what we need, not necessarily what we want.

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How NATO Could Solve the Suwalki Gap Challenge

A close look at the Suwalki dilemma leads to three conclusions, all of them uncomfortable.

A Unilateral, Reciprocal Post-INF Cool Down

The time may be right to take a cue from the 1991 Presidential Nuclear Initiatives.

The INF Treaty Crisis: Filling the Void with European Leadership

In a post-INF world, who will agree to talk to Russia, and with whom will Russia agree to talk?

Peacemaker SS-17

The Presidential Nuclear Initiatives, 1991-1992

An assessment of past performance and future relevance

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It Is Time to Update the President’s Nuclear Command Authority

Increased oversight, under the right circumstances, would decrease the risk of any US president using nuclear weapons preemptively or without just cause.

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The Putin-Trump Summit: In Helsinki, Three Worldviews Will Clash

The West’s clash with Russia is a preview of the conflicts that will arise in the coming decades.

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Once and Future Partners: The History of US-Soviet Nonproliferation Cooperation and Its Relevance Today

VIDEO: On May 10, 2018, CNS held a seminar with Nikolai Sokov, Sarah Bidgood, and Paul Warnke.