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Teen boy wearing a paper surgical mask, looking frightened

Seeking Peace in a Pandemic

A remedy for despair in a time of pandemic.

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2020 Critical Issues Forum Announcement

The conference will go fully online for all participants in US, Japan, and Russia.

Students from Japan US and Russia in Nagasaki Japan

Learning from Hiroshima and Nagasaki

To reach peace and security, we need to overcome maintaining the status quo.

Summer Fellows Group Photo

Next-Gen Nonproliferation Experts Shine at CNS Major Supporters’ Event

17 summer undergraduate nonproliferation fellows give their research presentations.

CNS Continues to Enhance Nonproliferation Education through Undergraduate Internship Program

CNS selected 17 outstanding undergraduate students from around the country out of approximately 130 applicants.

Group photo of students and instructors

High School Students from Japan, Russia, and the US Tackle Nuclear Dangers

This year, local students of Monterey County joined the CIF forum on nuclear risk reduction and crisis prevention.

CIF Spring 2018

Critical Issues Forum 2019 in Monterey

US, Japanese, Russian high school students confront nuclear risk and crisis prevention.

CNS Summer Interns

The CNS Undergrad Experience

Hear from CNS summer interns what they appreciate most about the program.

2018 Summer Interns

CNS Summer Undergraduate Interns Share Research

Research was on media in nonproliferation, analyzing capabilities using open-source data, geospatial and countermeasure intelligence, and how nuclear governments think.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

After the Trump-Kim summit: Where does Japan go from here?

The “biggest loser” of the Singapore summit faces tough decisions ahead. Some answers may lie in its recent past.