Publications of LANL/VNIIEF Collaboration in Pulsed-power-based High-energy-density Physics

Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

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Compiled by Irvin R. (Irv) Lindemuth
Incomplete List

July 13, 2017

Although incomplete, this list is intended to show the depth and breadth of the LANL/VNIIEF “pulsed power” collaboration. This list includes three types of papers: (a) papers with joint Russian and US authorship; (b) papers with either Russian or US authorship that directly cover aspects of the collaboration; (c) papers with either Russian or US authorship that are “spin-offs” of the collaboration and probably would not have been published/presented in their present form had the collaboration not existed. Papers in type (a) are among the first, if not the first, papers jointly authored by scientists from the nuclear weapons design laboratories of the United States and Russia.

This list is known to be incomplete. In particular, papers in the last decade or so will be added in future updates. In addition, full papers published in conference proceedings were, of course, preceded by a corresponding abstract and conference presentation, both of which are not listed here. Also, some papers listed as “in Abstracts of …” may have been followed up with a full paper published in the conference proceedings; if so, the full paper is not listed here.

Assistance of A. M. Buyko, VNIIEF, and Michelle Mittrach, LANL librarian, in compiling this list is gratefully acknowledged.

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