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Collaboration in Pulsed-power-based High-energy-density Physics

Chapter 8 of the Doomed to Cooperate on Fundamental Science Collaboration was only long enough to include two (a Russian and an American) accounts of an extemely productive area of scientific collaboaration, that of the Pulsed-power-based High-energy-density Physics. The web space allows to tell more about this impressive episode. I. Lindemuth compiled a listing of  scientific output  generated during 25 years of  interactions (1992-2017) that reveals a dazzling scope of joint publications and presentations.

V. K. Chernyshev, C. M. Fowler, A. I. Pavlovskii, Los Alamos NM, November 1992

From left to right: V. K. Chernyshev, C. M. Fowler, A. I. Pavlovskii, Los Alamos NM, November 1992.

In addition to S. Garanin’s and I. Lindemuth’s papers in the printed book, the following papers by VNIIEF authors describe both pulsed-power collaboration and personal stories of that collaboration:

A. A. Petrukhin, The VNIIEF and LANL Interaction in the Field of Thermonuclear Fusion Using MAGO Systems;

V. P. Korchagin, Experimental Studies of Magnetized Thermonuclear Plasma. Our Experience in the International Collaboration;

B. E. Grinevich, Liner Experiment; and

Mikhail  Dolotenko, High-Energy Interaction. International Collaboration in the Field of Ultra-high Magnetic Field Investigations.

Group of scientists looking at machinery

LANL delegation observes preparation for MC-1 generator shot, VNIIEF, June 1992. A. I. Pavlovskii (second from right) points out features. To Pavlovskii’s right are C. M. Fowler and S. M. Younger. Behind Pavlovskii are Reinovsky and Lindemuth. Fowler pushed the button to detonate the generator and received a bottle of vodka as payment (VNIIEF photo).

(All articles were translated from: International Scientific Cooperation of RFNC-VNIIEF: Perspectives, Views, Recollections. Sarov: FGUP “RFNC-VNIIEF”, 2010.)

Reminiscences of Irv Lindemuth about the Russian impact on his professional career are here. S.F. Garanin of VNIIEF shared a collection of photos that span more than a decade of joint work.


The first joint experiment sits on a VNIIEF explosives firing site prior to the shot, November 1993. The experiment used a VNIIEF helical generator/disk generator/fuse combination to implode a cylindrical liner to high velocity.

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