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December 18, 2023: “Satellite Photo Points to North Korea’s New Russian-Made Radar Plane” Decker Eveleth in Newsweek

December 17, 2023 “North Korea test fires ballistic missile with potential to reach entire US, Japan says” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

December 15, 2023: “Why the World Should Still Worry About Dirty Bombs” Bill Potter and Hanna Notte in Foreign Affairs

December 11, 2023: New podcast ‘The Reason We’re All Still Here’ explores nuclear history Jeffrey Lewis in Outrider

December 11, 2023: “Scrapping pacts, cutting off dialogue has hastened N. Korea’s nuclear development, says Moon” Siegfried Hecker in HANKYOREH

December 1, 2023: “Senior Malaysian Diplomat Visits CNS” CNS

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November 20, 2023: “CNS International Advisory Council Meeting Focuses on Nonproliferation Risks of AI and the War in Ukraine” CNS

November 11, 2023: In the News: What Does the Israel-Gaza Conflict Mean for Russia and Ukraine? Hanna Notte in Middlebury News

November, 2023: “Issues & Insights – Charting a roadmap for multiparty confidence and security building measures, risk reduction, and arms control in the Indo-Pacific” Miles Pomper in Pacific Forum

November 9, 2023: “Russia Using Israel-Hamas War To Push Anti-West Narrative, Analysts Say” Hanna Notte in themedialine

November 9, 2023: “Podcast: What Does Russia Stand to Gain From the Israel-Hamas War?” Hanna Notte in CARNEGIEpolitika

November 8, 2023: “US Pushes to Increase Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Amid Heightened Tensions” Michael Duitsman in inForney

November 7, 2023: “Israeli Official’s Nuclear Bomb Suggestion Enrages Russia” Nikolai Sokov in Newsweek

November 7, 2023: CNS’ Experts Jean du Preez and Miles Pomper were hosted by the Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research’s program “InFocus with Ejaz Haider” for a conversation on the future of arms control and nonproliferation in the wake of Russia’s de-ratification of the CTBT and other ongoing events.

The discussion centered on analyzing Russia’s nuclear signaling in the Ukraine and how they impact the non-proliferation and arms control regimes. Both experts also shed light on the strains that all these actions have on the norms of nuclear testing, nuclear nonuse, and non-proliferation. Further, the prospect of revamping and strengthening arms control was discussed, with both speakers highlighting the difficulties associated with that. Jean du Preez in @CSSPR_UOL on X

November 1, 2023: “Live Bonus Episode” for The Reason We’re All Still Here published today for The Reason We’re All Still Here published today.

Jeffrey Lewis’ episode “Well, What Do You Know?” on Things That Go Boom (PRX) is live. His segment begins at 16:03 and his introduction includes mentioning The Reason We’re All Still Here and the show is discussed at further length at 24:34 – 27:55


October 23-30, 2023: “Russia Analytical Report” Hanna Notte in Russia Matters

October 26, 2023: “Putin Is Getting What He Wants” Hanna Notte in The New York Times

October 20, 2023: “Behind the Scenes: How Not to Negotiate an Enhanced NPT Review Process” William Potter in Arms Control Today

October 19, 2023: Where Does Russia Stand on the Israel-Hamas War?, Hanna Notte for Foreign Policy

October 18, 2023: New Global Divisions on View as Biden Goes to Israel and Putin to China, Hanna Notte quoted in the New York Times

October 18, 2023: Israel-Hamas War Creates Prospects, Problems For Russia As It Invades Ukraine And Seeks Clout In Mideast” Hanna Notte in RadioFreeEurope

October 17, 2023:
Europe, Russia, and the Conflict in Gaza, Hanna Notte appeared on CNAS’ Brussels Sprouts podcast

October 17, 2023: What Putin Stands to Gain From Israel-Hamas War” Hanna Notte in FP

October 13, 2023: Putin is ready to take advantage of Israel-Gaza war, says Steve Rosenberg” Hanna Notte in BBC

October 11, 2023: “Russia: A Global Outcast or Still a Desirable Partner?” Hanna Notte in a panel at the Belgrade Security Conference

October 10, 2023: “Did Russia Have A Hand In The Hamas Attack?” Hanna Notte in WORLDCRUNCH

October 10, 2023: “What the Israel-Gaza conflict means for Ukraine” Hanna Notte in BBC Ukrainecast with Frank Gardner

October 09, 2023: Zelenskyy tells NATO Russia and Hamas are ‘same evil,’ while Putin stays silent about Israel attack” Hanna Notte in DAILY KOS

October 09, 2023: Intelligence Failure: Surprise Strike on Israel by Hamas”  Hanna Notte in BANKINFOSECURITY

October 9, 2023:  “What Role Does Russia Have To Play In Hamas’s Invasion Of Israel? Q&A With Expert Hanna Notte” Hanna Notte in RFE/RL

October 07, 2023: No signs of any imminent nuclear tests at Novaya Zemlya” Thomas Nilsen in The Barents Observer

October 04, 2023: Meeting the Challenge of Deterring Two Nuclear Peers” CNS in RealClearDefense

October, 2023: “Behind the Scenes: How Not to Negotiate an Enhance NPT Review Process”, the link to the unlocked article William Potter in Arms Control Today (October 2023), pp. 18-23.

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September 22, 2023: “Exclusive: Satellite images show increased activity at nuclear test sites in Russia, China and US” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

September 21, 2023: “Siegfried Hecker on the New Russia-DPRK Relationship and Nuclear Cooperation” Siegfried Hecker in 38 NORTH

September 20, 2023: “Nuclear expert Dr Jeffrey Lewis hosts new podcast on the unsung heroes preventing the next nuclear catastrophe” Jeffrey Lewis in podnews

September 16, 2023: “Opinion: How California can improve safety of privately run bio labs” Allison Berke in The Mercury News

September 21, 2023: Siegfried Hecker on the New Russia-DPRK Relationship and Nuclear Cooperation Joel S. Wit in 38 North

September 16, 2023: “Opinion: How California can improve safety of privately run bio labs” Allison Berke in The Mercury News

September 14, 2023: “Radioactive discharge from Fukushima nuclear plant raising concerns on California coast” Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in CBS News

September 10, 2023: “North Korean weapons cache gives Kim a role in Putin’s invasion” David Schmerler in The Seattle Times

September 9, 2023: “The ‘Real Nuclear Crisis’ Fear Behind a Single Pentagon Document” Miles Pomper in Daily Beast

September 8, 2023: “North Korea says it launched new ‘tactical nuclear attack’ submarine. South Korea doubts it works” CNS in CNN

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August 29, 2023: “Pentagon seeks missile defense integration with Australia CNS in Defense One

August 28, 2023: “Kazakhstan’s 40-Year History of Nuclear Testing: Call to Action for Nonproliferation Education” Margarita Kalinina-Pohl in The Astana Times

August 25, 2023: “North Korea’s frantic space launch pace brings advances – and setbacks” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

August 25, 2023: “It is not too late for Japan to change course on Fukushima water” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in NIKKEIAsia

August 25, 2023: “Top Uranium Producer Is Shaking Up Nuclear Decision Making” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in Bloomberg

August 18, 2023: “Latest North Korean missile sparks debate over possible Russian links” CNS in Reuters

August 15, 2023: “In Search of Resolution” Elena Sokova in kpbs

August 3, 2023:” High schoolers commit to tackling the existential threat of nuclear war” Masako Toki in Monterey County Weekly

August 1, 2023:”Rapid Dragon: the US military game-changer that could affect conventional and nuclear strategy and arms control negotiations” George M. Moore in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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July 26, 2023:” N Korea to welcome China, Russia with military display” David Schmerler in Prothom Alo English

July 26, 2023: “Bluffing or not, Putin’s declared deployment of nuclear weapons to Belarus raises tensions” Miles Pomper in abc news

July 19, 2023: “Fukushima water discharge approved” Ferenc Dalnoki Veress in The Lancet

July 19, 2023: ‘Whither Diplomacy?” Nomsa Ndongwe in Perry World House

July 18, 2023: “Nuclear-capable submarine makes rare stop in South Korea, ignoring North’s warnings” David Schmerler in Stars and Stripes

July 18, 2023: PLA Rocket Force explodes in capability, but China refuses to explain why” Decker Eveleth in ANI

July 18, 2023: “Analysis | First steps on a long path: seizing the opportunity to reduce U.S.-China nuclear risks” Miles Pomper in The Diplomatic Pouch

July 18, 2023: “The West Cannot Cure Russia’s Nuclear Fever” Hanna Notte in War on the Rocks

July 12, 2023: “North Korea’s suspected ballistic missile launch raises concern in Japan, U.S.” David Schmerler in Audacity

July 10, 2023: “The evolution of Russia’s relations with the West: A conversation with Hanna Notte” Hanna Notte in CIVILNET

July 10, 2023: “Ukrainian minister says he fears Russia has ‘no red lines’ to prevent attacks on nuclear plant” Jeffrey Lewis in ABC News

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June 30, 2023: “Satellite imagery shows what could be Wagner’s future camp in Belarus” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

June 18, 2023: “Failed North Korean rocket is intelligence win for Kim’s foes” David Schmerler in The Japan Times

June 11, 2023: “17 Things That Would Happen in a Nuclear War” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress’s book “Nuclear Choices for the Twenty-First Century: A Citizen’s Guide” referenced in 24/7 Wall St

June 2, 2023: “Why North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Claims Are Raising Alarms” CNS diagrams in The New York Times

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May 30, 2023: “Iran puts its nuclear programme beyond the reach of American bombs” CNS in The Economist

May 30, 2023: “See the images of North Korea’s launch pad activity as it prepares its first spy satellite” Dave Schmerler in AP News

May 22, 2023: “Iran nuclear site deep underground challenges West” Steven De La Fuente in AP Newsroom

May 22, 2023: “Berkeley’s $220M Mistake Exposed in Massive Deal With China” Robert Shaw in The Daily Beast

May 17, 2023: “An Interview with Professor Jeffrey Knopf” Jeffrey Knopf in PIR Center

May 6, 2023: “‘Il s’avère que les missiles russes Kinzhal ne sont pas vraiment hypersoniques” Jeffrey Lewis in Nouvelles du Monde

May 5, 2023: “The Truth About Russia’s ‘Hypersonic’ Kinzhal Missiles” Jeffrey Lewis in Popular Mechanics

May 4, 2023: “Has Vladimir Putin Destroyed the Delicate Nuclear Order?” Siegfried Hecker interviewed in Der Spiegel

May 4, 2023:“‘Blue check nuclear alarmism’: Verified ‘DEFCON Warning System’ stokes fears online with Russian nuke rumor” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Dots

May 1st, 2023:“Is China’s Korla laser ASAT site hacking Western satellites?” Jeffrey Lewis in Army Technology

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April 19, 2023: “Kim Jong un ha annunciato che lancerà presto in orbita un satellite spia militare” David Schmerler in Nano Press

April 18, 2023: “North Korea claims it’s ready to launch first spy satellite: state media” David Schmerler in CNN

April 18, 2023: “World War TEE: Kim Jong-Un fires missile ‘from his GOLF COURSE to send a message to the West he can launch a nuke from anywhere'” Sam Lair in Daily Mail

April 16, 2023: “A fondo Hwasong-18, el nuevo misil balístico intercontinental de Corea del Norte: la “pieza más poderosa” de su arsenal nuclear” Jeffrey Lewis in 20 minutos

April 14, 2023: “North Korea don test ‘most powerful’ missile to date” Jeffrey Lewis in BBC News Pidgin

April 13, 2023: “North Korea Is Ramping Up Its Missile Tests. How Worried Should We Be?” CNS in TIME

April 13, 2023: “North Korea Has Tested Its First Solid Fuel ICBM (Updated)” Sam Lair in The Drive

April 13, 2023: “Coreia do Norte diz ter testado novo míssil balístico intercontinental” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

April 12, 2023: “North Korea Is Ramping Up Its Missile Tests. How Worried Should We Be?” CNS in Microsoft Start

April 4, 2023: “ベラルーシへの核配備の狙いは 米識者が読み解くロシアのロジック” Miles Pomper in Ashabi

April 4, 2023: “Stationierung von Nuklearwaffen in Belarus: „Das Ziel für einen russischen Atomschlag wäre Polen“” CNS in Tagespiegel

April 1, 2023: “What countries have nuclear weapons, and where are they?” Miles Pomper in The Conversation

April, 2023: “Understanding the Dispute Over New START” Sarah Bidgood in Arms Control Association

April, 2023: “How our Death Penalty Clinic has made a transformative difference in the lives of clients — and students – for more than 20 years” George Moore in Berkeley Law 

April, 2023: “Elemzok szerint az új ICBM-ek megkönnyíthetik Észak-Korea számára a nukleáris támadás indítását” Jeffrey Lewis in Androbit

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March, 2023:“Media View” Miles Pomper in MediaView Al Jazeera

March 30, 2023: “What happened when WMD experts tried to make the GPT-4 AI do bad things” Ian Stewart in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 30, 2023: “N Korea tests mock nuclear warhead” Decker Eveleth in Taipei Times

March 29, 2023: “North Korea unveils new nuclear warheads: How the country has expanded its arsenal” CNS in Bulletin of the Firstpost

March 21, 2023: “N Korea tests mock nuclear warhead” Decker Eveleth in Taipei Times

March 21, 2023: “L’utilisation par la Corée du Nord d’un silo à missiles pourrait signifier une diminution du nombre d’avertissements de lancement, selon les analystes” Decker Eveleth in Zonebourse

March 20, 2023: “North Korea’s use of missile silo could mean less warning of launches – analysts” Decker Eveleth in Reuters

March 10, 2023: “Russia Is Powering Up a Giant Laser to Test Its Nukes” Jeffrey Lewis in WIRED

March 10, 2023: “Russia Converting Kinzhal Missiles Into Nuclear Weapons Would be ‘Complex'” Michael Duitsman in NewsWeek

March 8, 2023: “Biological lab funded by U.S. sparks alarm'” CNS in ECNS

March 8, 2023: “Chinese maritime militia in Pag-asa since Saturday” CNS in PhilStar Global

March 7, 2023: “U.S. Hosts Regional Maritime Sanctions Enforcement Workshop in Manila'” CNS in U.S Indo-Pacific Command

March 6, 2023: “Can a 1975 bioweapons ban handle today’s biothreats?'” CNS in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 4, 2023: “North Korea sliding under NATO’s radar as Kim fires more missiles than ever'” CNS in Express

March 1, 2023: “Nuclear Security News and Member Updates Roundup, February 2023′” CNS in Stimson

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February 22, 2023: “What happens now after Russia suspends the last nuclear arms treaty with the U.S.?” Sarah Bidgood in NPR

February 22, 2023: “U.S.-RUSSIAN RELATIONS CAN STILL GET WORSE” Hanna Notte in War on the Rocks

February 22, 2023: “¿Qué significa que Rusia suspenda su participación en tratado de armas nucleares con EEUU?” Miles Pomper in Univision

February 22, 2023: “What happens now after Russia suspends the last nuclear arms treaty with the U.S.?” Sarah Bidgood in Wabe

February 22, 2023: “Hundreds of Incidents of Lost Nuclear and Radioactive Material Logged in Latest CNS Trafficking Database” CNS in NTI

February 21, 2023: “How the Ukraine war helped the arms trade go boom” Eric Woods in RESPONSIBLE STATECRAFT

February 19, 2023: “How Russia Is Still Dodging Sanctions — With Help From Companies Everywhere” Eric Woods in WorldCrunch

February 18, 2023: “The post-Cold War era is gone, a new arms race has arrived” Decker Eveleth in The Times of India

February 16, 2023: “An Ode to the Next Generation of Nuclear Activists”CNS in InkStick

February 16, 2023: “Up for debate: Would doing less in Ukraine help US prepare for China challenge?” Robert Carlin mentioned in the comments section in The Washington Examiner

February 14, 2023: “Satellite Images Reveal Chinese Balloon Bases” Michael Duitsman and Tricia White in Rolling Stone

February 8, 2023: “UPDATE 3-North Korea shows off largest-ever number of nuclear missiles at nighttime parade” David Schmerler in yahoo! Finance

February 6, 2023: “Japan Plans to Dump Fukushima Wastewater Into a Pacific With a Toxic Nuclear History” Ferenc-Dalnoki Veress in TIME

February 4, 2023: [GERMAN] “Rüstungskontrolle in russischer Geiselhaft” Hanna Notte in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

February 3, 2023: “What Could a Chinese Spy Balloon Over the U.S. Do, Exactly?” Jeffrey Lewis in Intelligencer

February, 2023: “Understanding Kim Jong Un’s Economic Policymaking Phase II: Results and Implications” Robert Carlin in Stimson

February, 2023: “Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East Beyond Iran” Chen Zak Kane in Stimson

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January 31, 2023: “VOA : Pyongyang aurait testé un moteur à combustible solide il y a un ou deux jours” David Schmerler in Agence de Presse Yonhap

January 31, 2023: “North Korea may have tested a solid-fuel rocket engine” CNS in Korea JoongAng Daily

January, 2023: “Rüstungskontrolle in russischer Geiselhaft” Hanna Notte in Franktfurter Allgemeine

January, 2023: “김어준의 겸손은힘들다 뉴스공장 2023년 2월 6일 월요일” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in 김어준의 겸손은힘들다 뉴스공장

January 30, 2023: “Rosatum Ukraine War Effort Sanctions” CNS in The Washington Post

January 24, 2023: “Hanna Notte: Russia in the Middle East After Ukraine” Hanna Notte in CSIS

January 20, 2023: “Hanna Notte: Russia in the Middle East After Ukraine” Hanna Notte in CSIS

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