InFocus with Ejaz Haider -Ep 23, Nov 8: The Unraveling of Arms Control and Nonproliferation

November 9, 2023

Program Director for Education and Training, CNS, Jean du Preez, Senior Fellow, CNS, Miles Pomper, were hosted at the Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research’s program “InFocus with Ejaz Haider” for a conversation on the future of arms control and non-proliferation in the wake of Russia’s de-ratification of the CTBT and other ongoing events.

The discussion centered on analyzing Russia’s nuclear signaling in Ukraine and how they impact the non-proliferation and arms control regimes. Both experts also shed light on the strains that all these actions have on the norms of nuclear testing, nuclear nonuse, and non-proliferation. Further, the prospect of revamping and strengthening arms control was discussed, with both speakers highlighting the difficulties associated with that.

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