Thomas Schelling, Re-Explored

Joshua Pollack revisits the seminal works by the late great theorist on deterrence in Europe and compellence in Asia.

Defunct building at SAI

Tracking Radioactive Sources in Moldova through Social Media

In collaboration with NARNRA, CNS researchers use social media and network analysis to locate radiological sources in Moldova.

HMS Vanguard arrives back at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane, Scotland following a patrol. via Wikimedia

Repercussions of the UK Trident Vote

The UK Parliament is scheduled to vote July 18 on whether to renew its nuclear submarine program.

NATO to Respond to “Strategic Reality” at Upcoming Summit

The alliance will seek to expand its readiness vis-à-vis Russia and violence from neighboring Iraq and Syria.

Belgium’s Failed State Is Guarding America’s Nuclear Weapons

Jeffrey Lewis argues that traditional nuclear strategy for Europe is putting us all at risk of apocalyptic terrorism.

A highly trained and specially equipped quick response unit of the Estonian army, from the 1st Scouts Battalion, secures a road in rural Estonia during Exercise SIIL/Steadfast Javelin. (Source:

Ensuring Deterrence against Russia: The View from NATO States

This CNS report analyzes key NATO states’ threat perceptions of Russia, and provides recommendations in advance of the July 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw.

Turkey’s Nuclear Move: Deciphering the Developments

Turkey’s burgeoning nuclear capability should not be likened to that of Iran.

Russian Cruise Missiles and Implications for USNATO

Russian Cruise Missiles and Implications for US/NATO

A new round of Russian cruise missile tests are stirring up yet another source of contention between the United States and Russia.

Fresh Ideas for the NPT

Fresh Ideas for the NPT

A symposium at the NPT Review Conference featured young academicians presenting their fresh ideas for reinvigorating the three pillars of the NPT.

2015 NPT Monitoring Report

2015 NPT Monitoring Report – Disarmament

Implementation of the conclusions & recommendations adopted at the 2010 NPT Review Conference Disarmament – Actions 1-22