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Soviet Submarine Disassembly, Wikimedia Commons

New Nonproliferation & Disarmament Verification Technology

Citizens worldwide verify compliance with international arms control treaties.

OP#18: Stories of the Soviet Anti-Plague System

Occasional Paper #18: CNS researchers reveal the anti-plague system in Russia and how it was reported by western media.

Chemical Weapon Munitions Dumped at Sea: An Interactive Map

CNS has located 127 CW disposal and human exposure sites. CNS created a Google Earth map and presentation in hopes of garnering further interest.

The Promise and Potential Risks of Synthetic Biology

Luncheon briefing on synthetic biology featuring Dr. Raymond Zilinskas with Amy E. Smithson offering feedback and commentary.

Soviet anti-plague scientists wearing special suits for protection against the plague bacilli (archival photo).

The Soviet Anti-Plague System

History of the Soviet anti-plague system, covering the period from the late 19th century onwards, including its accomplishments, organization, work programs, and responsibilities.

Release of a Secret Soviet Smallpox Report

Release of a Secret Soviet Smallpox Report

The first authoritative English translation of the report is now available.

CNS article

OP#09: The 1971 Smallpox Epidemic in Aralsk, Kazakhstan, and the Soviet Biological Warfare Program

Occasional Paper #9: The first authoritative English translation of an official Soviet report describing a previously unknown outbreak of smallpox in 1971 in the city of Aralsk, Kazakhstan.

Russia Announces Plans to Participate in Research on Vozrozhdeniye Island

Research on a Soviet-era biological weapons test site in the Aral Sea.

Terrorist Attacks on America: Questions and Answers from CNS Specialists

Do the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings represent a major US intelligence failure? Reply prepared by Dr. Phillip Saunders, Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Program By definition these attacks represent an intelligence failure, because the intelligence and law enforcement communities did not provide advance warning that they were coming. That said, it is extremely difficult […]