Gabrielle Tarini Articles

DNA Structure

Gene Drives: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

Gene drive systems will be a new biosecurity challenge to face at the BWC Conference.

US Navy in Full Chemical Protective Gear

Keeping the Biological Weapons Convention Relevant

NOVEMBER 1, 2016: Officials have the opportunity to revise the way in which discussions are planned and held to better protect against biological weapons.

Dr. Chen Kane makes an intervention during the BWC workshop

Toward the 8th BWC Review Conference

JULY 8, 2016: CNS and the US Department of State co-sponsored a workshop on the the Eighth Review Conference of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC).

Russia-US Relations: Brinkmanship and Hostilities Continue

Article about up-to-date affairs between Russia and the US with consideration given to proxy players in between.

Conference of States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention 2007

A Strategy for the Chemical Weapons Convention

In the absence of further innovation and action, the Chemical Weapons Convention may ‘become a hammer without a nail.’