Russian-Ukraine War Updates Interview

March 31, 2022
Miles Pomper

This article is part of a larger Ukraine collection by CNS:
Putin’s War with Ukraine: Voices of CNS Experts on the Russian Invasion

CNS Expert Miles Pomper was interviewed in English by BeFM, a Korean-English broadcast.

Listen to the full interview at BeFM.

Interview Questions

  1. It seems the Russians are heading toward Kyiv – what would it mean to take Kyiv in this war ?
  2. Last week, the U.S. President Biden rejected the US enforcement of a no-fly zone in Ukraine. Can you help our audiences better understand what no-fly zone in Ukraine area means in terms of military policy? And what were the reasons why President Biden had to turn down this proposal?
  3. What are the chances of Russia invading / attacking any of NATO allies – like Poland. And the war might expand?
  4. Just based on what we know so far as of today, what are the chances for Russia to win this war? What can be considered as favorable conditions / situations for Russia at this point?
  5. The big question that has many concerned with this war : Would Putin really Use Nuclear Weapons? What are the chances?
  6. A few days ago, some media reported that Ukraine claimed Vladimir Putin has “Ordered the preparation of terrorist attack” on Chernobyl nuclear plant. Do we have any more concrete information or further report on this claim? Should we be worried about possible nuclear disaster within nuclear plants under Russian control?
  7. What do you think Vladimir Putin’s ultimate goal in his invasion? (i.e. to seize control of Ukraine, with the goal of regime change.)
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